Kickball Takes Friendship to the Next Level

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 08:18

Kickball Takes Friendship to the Next Level

If you need a weekly date with your best friends, then joining a WAKA League should help get you moving! Just reading player Elizabeth H's story gets us fired up to hit the fields! Check it out:

When you're young, you think that there will never be a day when you don't see your best friends. But once school ends, and work, relationships, and other "stuff" take over, weeks can go by without seeing your besties.

Luckily, WAKA changed that for me. I joined WAKA with some of my best friends. Though we were friends before, WAKA has helped to bring us even closer and remind me of the good old childhood days. It's our weekly "appointment" where we know we are going to meet up, play kickball, dress up in wacky costumes, meet new friends together, and just have a fun time. From the friends I joined kickball with to the friends I have met being there, WAKA truly is right when they say "Best Parties, Best Games, Best Friends."

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