Mardi Gras, WAKA- Style Bead Challenge!

Friday, February 28, 2014 - 13:00

Mardi Gras, WAKA- Style Bead Challenge!

So, unfortunately we don't all have the luxury of heading to party with WAKA’s New Orleans Leagues for Mardi Gras because we have silly things like "jobs", and "social obligations", and “pets to feed.”  Lucky for us, WAKA players know how to party and are bringing Fat Tuesday fun all over the country with parades, masquerades, bar crawls, and… an extra special WAKA- STYLE MARDI GRAS BEAD CHALLENGE!

Here’s how to play:

Wear your WAKA beads to work or Happy Hour on Tuesday, March 4th! You can ask a new friend “earn” their beads or just spread the love of fun and kickball by sporting your Fat Tuesday themed WAKA swag!

Shoot a selfie with your beads on or your beads on a new friend, and send it to with your league name and mailing address! We’ve got a special prize for you to keep your kickball beverages cold this spring season and will send you a new set of beads!

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