Meet 5 Left-Handed Kickball Players

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 11:23

Meet 5 Left-Handed Kickball Players

August 13th is International Left-Handers’ Day so WAKA Kickball is highlighting left-handed kickball players who are rocking the fields.

While Lefties account for around 10 percent of the population, they have a reputation for dominating the world of sports. Here are 5 stories from left-handed kickball players about their experience in the game and what it means to be a lefty:


David plays on team Rumspringa with a group of friends he has known since elementary school. He grew up playing baseball and loves to play center field and catcher. “The most challenging thing about being a natural left was having to train my brain and build muscle memory to bunt down third base with my right foot.” - David

Michael N.

Michael works for WAKA as a Community Coordinator and plays on the Slam Pieces.  He enjoys pitching because he’s left handed and the ball cuts away from most kickers. “The hardest thing about being left handed is living in this cold right handed world. Scissors. Smearing anything I write down. Spiral notebooks. College desks.” - Michael N


Kristi plays kickball 4 nights a week and loves to play right field. She loves the position because she gets to back up every play at first base. “The most challenging part of being left handed / footed is when kicking. It’s hard to anticipate the pitch of the ball and adjust to where you need to kick the ball or even sometimes which foot to use.” -  Kristi


Michael plays in 2 WAKA Kickball Leagues with teams Hotdogs & Tacos and Kicks & Giggles.  He’s a team captain and plays catcher, first base, and outfield. “Due to being a quick lefty, I usually get looped into playing catcher so I can grab bunts and stop runners at third.” - Michael


Kenzie works for WAKA as a Community Coordinator and plays on The Flabongos.  She loves playing first base (and rocks at it.) “I like being left handed because it makes me unique and I can unite with my fellow lefties.” - Kenzie

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