Meet WAKA's All Star Moms

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 06:58

Meet WAKA's All Star Moms

In recognition of the extraordinary women of WAKA nation and Mother’s Day, we are featuring WAKA moms! These 3 all-star moms are an inspiration for finding balance between family and fun. We are so grateful to have them in our leagues!

Jessica from the PA Battleground League in West Chester is the ultimate WAKA warrior. She works 6 nights a week while raising her son AJ, and still finds time to enjoy kickball with her boyfriend Alex. Friends say she “stands up for what she believes in and always puts her son first.” Her boyfriend says that "Jessica inspires me because she's always giving to others, she never puts herself first, and she’s the BEST!"

Christina from the NY Mid Hudson League is very active in the social scene of the league - all while having her baby son John by her side. Christina recommends kickball as a way for new moms to meet and share stories. “There are so many moms who currently play and you can swap baby advice,” she says. “My teammates are always so kind and will watch John when I have to go play in the field. I think taking time for yourself as a mom is really important and kickball is super kid friendly. John will grow up knowing sometimes it's mommy's turn to play and he gets to watch, and see that parents can be 'cool' and that they have friends too.”

Haley from the NV Lucky League is known for kicking home runs and just had a beautiful baby girl! Haley and her husband Travis play kickball together and take their daughter Hadlee to the games. Teammates love being sideline babysitters for the happy family and are impressed with Haley’s sportsmanship and flip cup skills! Her husband Travis says, “Overall my wife is so much more than anyone could ever put into words over an email. She is the mother of my child, and the woman of my dreams. She is… Mama kickball!”

Happy Mother's Day Jess, Christina, and Haley!  Join a league near you here!

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