My WAKA Story - Erica

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 13:09

My WAKA Story - Erica

From time to time, players write to us to tell us their story, and to share what WAKA Kickball has brought to their lives. We were so touched by what Erica, a player from New Orleans, sent us this month that we had to share it with you. Once again, we find ourselves awed and remain appreciative of the generosity and effort that WAKA players put forth in support of each other and the communities in which they play. In her own words, here is Erica’s WAKA Story:

"After playing WAKA Kickball for thirty seasons I have so many amazing memories and have made a ton of friends. It was going to be hard for me to pick one awesome memory from over the past 4 years, until a couple of weeks ago... A good friend and long-time teammate was killed on May 14th. Everyone was devastated. Immediately, our WAKA teammates started planning things to do to raise money for his family to get to New Orleans from New York and to help with the costs that go along with a funeral. It was amazing to see how quickly people came together to help each other and to celebrate the life of a dear friend. 

My friend was killed on a Friday night and he was on my team, Shake & Bake. By the time our Monday night games came around, word had spread that we would all be wearing tie-dye (Shake & Bake has always been the tie-dye team) and all funds raised that night would go to our friend’s family instead of going to this season’s charity. 

The response was overwhelming. I have never seen so much tie-dye in my life. I couldn’t even tell who was on my team and who wasn’t.  People had also baked treats and made tie-dye bandanas to sell.  It was amazing. By the end of the night, we raised a little over $2,800.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was heart-warming to know that we didn’t just have a group of friends that play a game together once a week, we had a family.  Kickball players who didn’t even know my friend did everything they could to support me and my team.  Every time I think of the amount of generosity and support that people showed us that night, it makes me smile. I’m sure there were a million other times in the last 4 years that kickball has been amazing and wonderful and fun… but this was more than that. It was unforgettable. It was unbelievable. It was epic.

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