National Best Friends Day is here! Time to Celebrate!

Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 09:40

National Best Friends Day is here! Time to Celebrate!

National Best Friends Day is here and it’s time to celebrate! 

This is your chance to connect with your favorite people and tell them how they make your days better, your nights sillier, and your entire life funner. Through the trials and tribulations of adulting, to the laughs, smiles, and new adventures, your best friends are there for you, so make take time today to show them how appreciative you are. 

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate Best Friends Day:

1. Make a besties photo collage or movie (and share it on social media for everyone to see).

2. Plan a night out at your fave local restaurant or bestie getaway (maybe at CLUBWAKA Summer Camp?)

3. Make a special Spotify playlist (and share it with your team!) 

4. Brighten up the workday! Send your bestie a coffee, lunch, or cookie delivery as a Best Friends Day surprise! 

5. Plan a crafter-noon and try a new DIY project together (decorate your team shirts?!) 

6. Hit up your favorite karaoke bar and sing a duet (you may have to practice over a few bubbles first).

7. Host a sleepover (or a campout in the backyard). Break out the nail polish, spa kits, and scary summer movies! 

8. Volunteer together for your favorite charity or local event.

9. Try a wine or recipe swap. It’s simple - you each prepare your favorite meal and double the recipe so you can swap (or just grab a bottle of your favorite wine) and your bestie can try it! This is a fun way to try your bestie favorite food or drink. 

10. Join a social sports team together so you can have a regular date every week.

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