OSC shows the world how to celebrate a World Kickball Championship

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - 10:14

OSC shows the world how to celebrate a World Kickball Championship

We sat down with Bill Castillejo, captain of the 2011 World Kickball Champions, the Other Shot Callers to get details of the Founders Cup tournament and how the team is celebrating their big win. 

How does it feel to win the World Kickball Championship?


It feels incredible!  Every time my teams have won the FC, its been a different experience and it gets better every time. 


How was this year different from when you won in 2009? 


In 2009, we had a really good team, but I don't think we were the most atheltic team in the tournament.  We really had no "superstars" that year.  We did have the best team chemistry though.  We all believed in each other and that's what lead us to the win that year.  


This year was a little different.  We came into the tournament with a number of top notch players.  Every team thinks their players are the best, but I really believe Joe Spofford, Matt Dwyer, Pat O'Brien, and Ever Rivera are the best in the country at what they do defensively.  When you add in our offensive power, I knew we were going to be very tough to beat. 


Who in your mind was the MVP of the game?


With so many good players on the team like the ones I previously mentioned, there were quite a few people to pick from.  However, Mandi Casares really went above and beyond what I expected her to do.  She's a first year player that we actually found online.  She was doing an internship in DC and answered our ad.  I never thought we'd get so lucky.  She's a former All-Region D1 soccer player that joined us on a whim.  In the tournament, she kicked a HR, made big plays in the outfield, and got on base in crucial situations against the best teams in the country.  It was pretty amazing.  


What was the hardest game you played during the Founders Cup tournament?


Surprisingly, it was against Los Brew Crew from California.  I say "surprisingly" because they were a wild card team and our first game in single elimination.  We went into the game thinking we had it in the bag.  That was definitely not the case as they came out fearless and put up a quick 2-0 lead.  By the time the 5th inning came up, it was 3-1 and we were able to manage 2 runs to tie the game up.  In OT, we were able to score and barely skate by with the victory.  Los Brew Crew is a great team though and gave us a run for our money. 


As the captain, what changes did you make to your game strategy throughout the day? 


OSC is lucky enough to be a very deep squad both offensively and defensively.  Playing 8 games throughout the day will wear on any team so I rest players early in the day so they can be more effective later in the day.   


What will OSC do to celebrate?


Well, we celebrated a lot the night after the tournament in Vegas.  We also did some more celebration with the rest or our DC Liberty division in our first game back from Vegas.  Next month, we have a team dinner planned, where we will be using part of our winnings to celebrate some more!  We play hard, but we also party hard! 


Apart for winning, what would you say was the best part of World Kickball Championship Weekend? 


In addition to OSC, I was fortunate enough to have another team I play on, We Got the Runs, also attend the tournament.  It was their first FC tournament and it was awesome to see how excited they were to be there and be a part of such a great event.  The best part of the tournament, aside from winning, is the camaraderie...both with my team and with other teams.