CLUBWAKA Happenings: CLUBWAKA Ski Trip at Jay Peak

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - 10:51

CLUBWAKA Happenings: CLUBWAKA Ski Trip at Jay Peak

Now THIS is how you take over the base of a ski resort...with more than 350 CLUBWAKA people! 

CLUBWAKA members traversed thousands of miles to converge in the snow-covered mountains of Jay Peak, Vermont for four thrilling days of adventures and epic parties. The attendees were treated to great weather and perfect slope conditions, as well as an “Ice Ice Baby” themed party at the resort skating rink, an private indoor water park party, a Mardi Gras themed party, and rolling parties in the chalet hallways. The costumes and onesies were on point all weekend, with most people having four or five different wardrobe changes!
As WAKA Event Manager, Sa Dao, put it, “I sure “costumed” my butt off this weekend. Not sure how I’m going home with more outfits than I can with, though.”
 See the photo highlights below and join us on our next ski trip!

1. The WAKA Ski trip in Jay Peak, VT started with a surprise engagement! Congratulations to Mike and Mary!


2. Funsie in a onesie! via @lundylife

3. #Cloudporn via @jesmulloy

4. With our powers combined... via Janice H. 

5. A herd of unicorns at a hallway party! 

6. The pumphouse was rocking at the indoor waterpark party!

7. WAKA players loved the rugged terrain at Jay Peak! 

8Skates on for the Ice Ice Baby skating party!

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