Prepare for the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship 2016 with Sofa King Good

Sunday, October 2, 2016 - 16:08

Prepare for the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship 2016 with Sofa King Good

Team ‘Sofa King Good’ from Southern California heads to WAKApalooza Weekend in Las Vegas to defend their title as World Kickball Champions. We caught up with the team’s three co-captains, Max, Amy, and Tyler to talk about kickball, the Founders Cup tournament, and how they are preparing for this year. 

What is it like to be a World Kickball Champion? 

Tyler: It feels great to have finally come away with a win in this tournament, after so many tough exits in the semifinals, getting over the hump and being able to celebrate under the lights with our friends and teammates was really special. Having so many people there on the hill cheering for (or against) us was great. For anyone who has played in Founders, those last two rounds games under the lights in the bowl as it gets cold have a very unique energy about them, it becomes much more intense, and being able to be the last team standing in that environment felt really great. 

Amy: Its great to be able to come away with a win this magnitude, especially after many years of playing the sport. 

Max: It’s definitely cool to be the champion at anything. Our team is super competitive whether we are playing skee-ball, kickball, or catchphrase we want to be the best and win.   It’s not often you can say that you are a World Champion at anything.

Can you tell us about the team and your backstory? 

Tyler: Sofa King is the original competitive kickball team out of southern California. The core of this team has been together since something like 2005. I met Max in 2007 while playing against each other and somewhere around 2009-2010 we realized we had a lot of common ideas and wanted to try to compete in some travel tournaments. We joined forces and turned our focus on getting the team to a place where we could not only compete with the best out there, but maybe win some trophies too.  Between WAKA and  the kickball Circuit we have traveled all over the country with a great group of friends and made some really great memories. Max should really weigh in here as some of the members of SKG have been playing sports together for 25 years+.

Amy: I joined the team in 2012, after only 2 previous seasons of kickball. When I first joined I didn't know anything about the backstory or long history of the team. Max and Tyler gave me a shot at captaining the first WAKA DEOC (reverse Coed) tourney in 2013. Since then the 3 of us tackle team management together. 

Max: I had just moved back home from Nashville and my friends had begun playing in a WAKA kickball league. It was Thursday nights in the CA Hollywood League. I would go watch games and go to the bar with the team on Thursdays, then struggle through work on Fridays. In 2006, I took over as captain, recruited my childhood friends, family, and girls soccer players I used to coach, and the rest is history.

Can you tell us about your Founders Cup background? When did you first decide to go after the World Kickball Championship? 

Tyler: My first Founders Cup was as a captain of team out of LA called the Valley Girls, it was 2008. It was an absolute blast. To this day I’ve never seen a WAKA event more wild than that day.  We came with a huge team, something like 23 players, and we kicked everyone in all our games, and did our best to get everyone in the field. 

Needless to say we didn't get too far in the tourney, but I met so many people that night, from all over the place, many of whom I still keep in touch with and have friendships with today. As eliminations went into the night, I recall stepping away from the slip n slide and flip cup to watch the semis and thought it would be a great feeling to be down there taking part in that game.  Then my buddy Tyler picked me up in a stolen golf cart and we went for a joyride. 

Amy: My first shot at Founders Cup was in 2012 with SKG. That year will go down in my books as one of my favorite experiences. While we lost in the final 4, I got to meet so many kickballers from across the US it was fantastic. 

Max: I remember playing in a regional qualifier for Founder’s Cup in 2005. I didn’t realize how close we were to qualifying for Founder’s Cup. About the time the tournament moved to Vegas, I found a message board that aggregated scores and teams from around the country.  Once I saw that our team stacked up favorably (and was receiving recognition) I thought it was worth a try to compete. Shout out to the Sage of Sidearm.

Going back as long as you can remember, when was the very first kickball game you played in? 

Tyler: It was a pick up game in CA Studio sometime in 2006.  I was working a night shift and my boss needed players for a team she had signed up for (The Valley Girls) to prevent them from being merged to another group. She said I could come play during my shift and head back to work after if I would sign up and help her find some more bodies. The rest is history. 20+ seasons later I still play on Mondays with some of the guys I bugged to sign up that season. 

Amy: I played my first season in Spring 2011, CA Tinseltown. I was so excited that I tried to slide in to 2nd base, and ended up busting my knee up on the "dirt" (aka CA cement with a thin layer of dirt) field. 

Max: Excluding first grade kickball, 2005 Fall CA Hollywood.  You can check the rosters, but not sure you will find me. We won the championship and I have been hooked since.

How would you describe the SOFA King Good approach to kickball? What gets you pumped up for a game? 
Max: I think the motto “Adults acting like babies, playing a children’s game.” aptly describes us. We love to compete, if we are keeping score we might as well win the game.

Tyler: Max likes to say "Grown ups, playing a childs game, acting like babies"  I prefer to say our approach is to try to find a way to win with strong fundamentals and creativity.  We've never had the fastest or most athletic team, but we've had a lot of success by not making mistakes and by coming up with new ways to play defense.  Getting pumped up is easy,  our team is filled with people who hate to lose more than they like to win. We all know the feeling of losing and are pumped up to keep that feeling away as long as possible. 

Amy: My favorite part of this team is the team mentality: The name on the front of our jerseys are more important than the back. People do what they need to do for the team, not individual goals. My favorite part of playing is being on the field with some of my best friends. 

Does the team have any good luck charms or traditions you can’t play without? 

Tyler: The Sofa Queens are our good luck charm. I think we have the best group of ladies in the country playing on our team and they are the real key to success on the field and having fun off the field. Thats all we need for luck. 

Amy: We can't play without our SKG cheer! 

Max: We have tons of traditions and rituals that we utilize at different junctures of the game.  We have an official lineup writer, a backup lineup writer, three people with individual roles in the pregame pep talk. All these things bond us together as a team.

Do you have any favorite under-the-radar spots around Las Vegas to recommend to new teams at WAKApalooza Weekend? 

Tyler: Not really, but take it easy Friday night if you want to have a long day on Saturday.

Amy:  I'm always a fan of Margaritaville for their large blended drinks and cheap(ish) gambling. 

Max: I am not sure I can mention these on a family website. There are lots of places to have fun and get in trouble, but I am usually too drained to enjoy.  I have been coming to Vegas since I was 18 and Vegas is still undefeated.

What are you most excited about in 2016? 

Tyler: My wife Kelley being able to play and party this year. We were 8 months pregnant this time last year so Vegas was a bit different. 

Amy: I'm excited to take another crack at finding the cup and representing the West Coast.

Max: I am most excited to come back to Vegas, and represent the West Coast, as the first Founder’s Cup Champions West of the Mississippi.

Watch the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship 2016 Live Broadcast!

Even if you can’t make it to Las Vegas, you can still watch the World Kickball Championship game broadcast live with post-game celebration coverage, and more! Visit to watch the broadcast. Pre-game coverage is scheduled for 9:45ET/6:45PT Next Saturday, October 8th. Game start at 10:00 ET/7:00 PT. 


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