Relax and Let it Happen is heading to Vegas, hoping to bring the Founders Cup back to Texas for the first time

Friday, July 8, 2011 - 08:42

Relax and Let it Happen is heading to Vegas, hoping to bring the Founders Cup back to Texas for the first time



Relax and Let It Happen joined WAKA in Summer 2008. Our first WAKA season, was one to remember, we won the championship, in August (100+ degrees) with 9 players. 7 TX Capital Championships, 1 TX Cup State Championship, '09 FC Rd of 8 appearance, and '10 FC Rd of 32 appearance later, we have arrived to where we are today. Our roster is full of division-I talent, we have played and competed with some of the best teams around the country. Those who saw us last year at FC '10 know that the squad we sent there was not a representation of who the real Relax is. We are ready to build on our past FC experience and advance past the Rd of 8. Relax and Let It Happen, 2011 Kickball World Champs, it's got a nice ring to it....” 


We caught up with Relax captain Jay Russell, to find out how the team is preparing for their third Founders Cup appearance. 

WAKA: This will be Relax's 3rd visit to the Founders Cup tournament, what are you looking forward to most? 


Jay Russell: Winning it, why else would we be coming? On top of winning it, winning it while boozing, which to my knowledge has never been done before. I feel like our Rd of 8 loss in '09 was the best a team has ever done while boozing, so we are looking to improve on that. Also for me personally, I'm looking forward to getting to play again, after sitting on the sidelines injured for all of FC'10, I'll be ready.

Is the team healthy and ready to perform? 


2010 was a tough year for the Relax franchise, we lost a game in Texas for the first time in a couple years, we didn't win the league, and we showed poorly at FC. The 2010 team was a skeleton representation of the real Relax that everyone saw and embraced in 2009. This year we have made some incredible acquisitions in the free agency market, combine that with a bunch of our key players being healthy and it creates a scary picture for other teams. 


How is the team preparing for this year? 


Currently we are preparing for FC '11 by kicking balls and taking names in our WAKA league. We have also implemented a strict schedule for our team. Pilates on Monday, Yoga on Tuesday, Deep tissue massages on Wednesday, and most importantly NO flag football (see injuries above). We joined a soccer league to refine our conditioning and kicking skills. Also, everyone is on steroids.


What's your most memorable Founders Cup tournament game? 


My most memorable FC game would have to be the first game that we ever played there back in FC '09. Stepping onto the mecca of competitive kickball, Desert Breeze Park, not knowing what to expect, it was incredible. Going into it we had no idea what we were going to see, it was our first kickball game outside of the state of TX and we dominated. 


What is the most important thing for new teams to know when coming to the Founders Cup for the first time? 


Bring your A game and learn from every team that you play. When we first started playing competitive kickball we were in awe of some of the teams out there and what they could do.


What needs to happen during the tournament for Relax and Let it Happen to win Founders Cup XIV? 


Nothing really NEEDS to happen, just like any of the 10 or so teams that have a shot at winning it, whoever makes the least amount of mistakes that day will win it. We don't need anything extraordinary to happen.