Road to WAKApalooza Weekend: Rocky Mountain Ice

Friday, September 20, 2013 - 15:43

Road to WAKApalooza Weekend: Rocky Mountain Ice

We recently asked the teams participating in the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship to share their story so we can help you all get to know them. Here's the beginning our our "Road to WAKApalooza Weekend" series. Meet Rocky Mountain Ice from the CO Mile High League in Denver, CO:

“The ability to go sleeveless with such sprezzatura can only be bred. Thirt...Twenty-ni...TWENTY-THREE years ago geneticists set out to create a kickball team with the ability to rule the world, but the wherewithal to go to happy hour instead...a lot. Rocky Mountain Ice was born and the children were never separated from each other. Taught fundamentals by kickball legend Pops "Doug" Froopiepants and party animal Larry "This Bucket?" Williams, the team trained tirelessly for the next thirt...TWENTY-THREE years. When the time was right, the team of genetically engineered kickball players arrived in Denver in their totally sweet monster truck with, like, flames on the sides and rockets on it. They've been spreading a message of hope, beer and mustaches ever since.”

Stay tuned for more fun and team stories as we get closer to WAKApalooza Weekend in Las Vegas on October 10th - 13th, 2013.

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