Take the WAKA Ninja Challenge

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 - 17:28

Take the WAKA Ninja Challenge

Ninjas are known to wear disguises, so they can spy on enemies or to get closer to their intended target. They also wear normal clothing to appear as the common person when traveling to other places. On Ninja Day or Thursday, December 5th, take the WAKA Ninja Day challenge and bring a kickball to the office or wear your WAKA t-shirt to work under your normal work clothes!

Here are 5 rules for blending in at work like a Ninja

1. No matter where you are, act like you belong. In meetings or at the break room, don’t let your sneaky WAKA Ninja grin give you away. Keep a low profile.

2. Blend in. You’ll want to be dressed as a smart business person (even if you have your WAKA shirt on) so you don’t get noticed.

3. Ninjas don't always work alone so if you have a friend(s) who is (are) also WAKA Ninjas then work out some kind of agreement to work together to accomplish a mission or start a pick up game.

4. Create a fictional WAKA Ninja identity or nickname in case you are interrogated.

5. Behave purposefully and carry a kickball. You can occupy yourself with harmless activity by hosting an office pick up game at lunch.

If you take the WAKA ninja challenge and bring a kickball or wear kickball.com shirt to work, shoot a selfie and send it to marketing@kickball.com We’ve got a special prize for all you WAKA Ninjas out there!