How To: Host a Talk Like A Pirate Day Party

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 12:48

How To: Host a Talk Like A Pirate Day Party

'Tis speak like a Scurvy Pirate Day, so we put some ideas together to help ye throw a parrrty!

Start by decorating with Pirate goodies and creating a photo booth area for guests.

Photo booth set up:

  • Hang a bright sheet or piece of fabric for the booth
  • Decorate with photos: ships, skull and crossbones, or treasure - the cheesier, the better
  • Make photo booth props like talk bubbles and hand held signs with pirate expressions like “aaarrrgh,” “Ahoy Matey”, “Beware” or “Talk Like A Pirate Day Bash”

Pirate costumes are super easy to put together. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • a pirate hat or bandana
  • a hook
  • a rolled up map
  • a sash around your waist
  • a parrot
  • a sword
  • a small treasure chest
  • an eye patch
  • costume jewelry
  • face paint for scars and battle wounds, black eyes and teeth.

More Fun Ideas:

  • Bring water balloons or confetti shooters for a pirate style battle
  • Plan an "adult treasure hunt" or scavenger hunt at the park, kickball field, or league bar
  • Host a bake sale for your CLUBWAKA league charity with Pirate themed goodies
  • Get a pirate themed pinata and have a pirate picnic

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