Easy Team Ice Breakers For Your First Game

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 20:24

Easy Team Ice Breakers For Your First Game

Think of all the meetings or events you’ve attended where the other guests just talk to the friends that they came with or stared at the wall. Exciting, wasn’t it?

Like any game or workout session, meeting your new kickball team should begin with a proper warm up to prepare for the awesome season ahead. Before your next season, think of a way to break the ice with your new teammates before you hit the fields! Your teammates will significantly increase their comfort level and friendliness and the season will be more fun!

Here are some of our favorite pre-season ice breakers:

  • Attend the WAKA pick up game or open play day to meet your teammates before the season starts!
  • Make name tags for your team! Consider including your teammates’ home towns, colleges, favorite movies or albums so they can learn about each other and talk about common interests.
  • Incorporate a theme for the first week of games. Hats, wigs, crazy socks, and colors are all easy for people to do.
  • Ask each team member to pick a “walk up song” for when they kick and make a playlist for your first game.
  • Host a pre-season meet and greet or happy hour for your team

What team ice breakers have you tried? Tell us in the comments!

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