Team Stories We Love: Beaches Be Crazy

Thursday, April 9, 2015 - 18:24

Team Stories We Love: Beaches Be Crazy

Back in 2012, a group of WAKA players sat at the kickball field in Huntington Beach, California discussing their love of kickball costumes and dreaming of brightly colored fanny packs.

The players realized that they were onto something good, and decided to start a new team. They invited friends from nearby WAKA leagues in Fullerton and Irvine to join, then got down to business planning team costumes and the new team name. “I thought it would be funny if we just showed up in bathing suits” says team captain Lena R. “Then someone said Beaches be Crazy and boom! The team name was born!”

Fast forward to today and those same kickballers spent the past weekend celebrating 3 team member birthdays including a country line dance party on Friday, a trip to Temecula on Saturday, and a kickball bar party on Sunday. The team is like a big, happy family on and off the kickball field. As a group, they participate in book clubs, volunteer in the community,  dance, meet up for happy hours, and share life events. Team members Nick and Emily just had a beautiful baby girl and the whole team celebrated.

Beaches be Crazy team members have participated in every single WAKA event or vacation since the team started. “We've already started planning for WAKApalooza Weekend and we've got Beaches going to Summer Camp and the WAKA Cruise in Texas!” says Lena. “Beaches make my life fun.”

Thank you Lena and Beaches be Crazy for being part of the WAKA family and for sharing your team story!

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