Team Stories We Love: Boston Social Club

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 - 21:51

Team Stories We Love: Boston Social Club

The kickball team ‘Boston Social Club’ played their very first game together at WAKApalooza Weekend 2014. The players were from different WAKA leagues around Boston, and joined up to travel to Las Vegas for the WAKApalooza Fun Games.
The group was a mix of veteran and new kickball players - some with more than ten years of experience, and others with just a few seasons under their belts. They didn’t have a team name, but that really didn’t matter. They were going to Las Vegas with 3,000 other kickball players for four days of parties and tournaments.
As the weekend approached, the team struggled to come up with a name. They saw many of the other Fun Games teams post photos of their themes, accessories, costumes, and props - and they wanted to come up with a creative name and concept of their own.

The team took their decision making to an email thread, and just weeks before WAKApalooza Weekend they settled on a theme and name very near and dear to their hearts. “Initially it was the hoity-toity look of Martha's Vineyard vacationers,” said Doug D., the team’s captain. (For those not from NewEngland, think J.Crew catalog or Nantucket reds and tiny whales on shirts.) “We tossed around a lot of name ideas and it was Boston Social Club that stuck.”

Once they had a name, the Boston Social Club members hit the ground running in preparation for WAKApalooza. They came up with their team cheer “Old Money”, and BSC personas, roles, and titles. They made BSC business cards, and started a hilarious Twitter account.

Overall, they knocked their first game and first WAKApalooza Weekend out of the park. On game day, the team arrived dressed to impress in matching argyle socks, visors, and whale polos. They fanned themselves with dollar bills, and brought their own velvet rope to the fields. “Everyone really got into the Boston Social Club shtick - without coming across as a snob,” said Doug. “Sometimes toeing the line can be challenging, but I was so proud of how everyone participated to make our presence at WAKApalooza a success. We met so many awesome kickballers from around the country that we are able to keep in touch with. We can't wait to party with all the teams we met last year, and to meet all the new ones this year!”

Since then, the team members have stayed close and attended the Jay Peak Ski Trip together (also with velvet rope). The team members all play on separate kickball teams during the WAKA season, and keep the Boston Social Club as something “separate and special”. The Boston Social Club is heading to WAKApalooza Weekend 2015 and plans on participating in future WAKA vacations.

(If you meet Boston Social Club players at WAKApalooza Weekend, ask them for a business card and call the number. It rings everyone on the team so you’ll always have a Boston contact if you need one!)
Thanks to Doug D. for sharing the Boston Social Club story! We are so excited to see you at WAKApalooza Weekend!

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