Team Stories We Love: Dude I Can Kick

Sunday, September 13, 2015 - 22:32

Team Stories We Love: Dude I Can Kick

When you are juggling work, family, and grown up life-ish things, that’s when you need to play on a social sports team. That may seem a little crazy, but having a scheduled weekly kickball game is like having an accountabiliy partner for fun. Being on a team helps to ensure that you make time for yourself and stay connected with your friends. 

The WAKA kickball team Dude I Can Kick (D.I.C.K.) from Albuquerque, NM has been playing together since 2012 and has created a close kickball family where players can play as much as they want, and can always have a spot on the team if they need to take a season off for family or work.

“Most of us are parents so our priorities are centered around our families,” says team captain Miguel A. “We love to see each other weekly and we try to plan birthdays and meet ups, but we’re busy professionals so it doesn't always happen. We really try make the most of our time on the kickball field and go to WAKA events and tournaments when we can."

Since D.I.C.K. started playing, the team has traveled to several WAKA events and tournaments including WAKApalooza Weekend in Las Vegas. "We have and have had some of the best people on our team. They are weird, crazy, and sometimes naked. They are family and I would never trade any of it for the world.”
Thank you to all the members of Dude I Can Kick for sharing your story and for making time to play kickball! If you’re in need of a break from the stresses of grown-up life, start a WAKA Kickball & Social Sports team and make a weekly play date for you and your friends. 

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