From Volleyball to Bar Games, These are The Best Social Sports For Every Type of Player

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 16:51

From Volleyball to Bar Games, These are The Best Social Sports For Every Type of Player

Thinking of trying out a new activity but can’t decide on which you’ll like best?  Wonder no more! 

Whether you are yearning for some healthy competition, dreaming of reliving your childhood playground days, or just feeling stir crazy and need a reason to get out of the house after work, there’s definitely a social sport for you. 

Here’s a look at our favorite social sports for every age, ability, and interest and why you should get out and play something new! 

KickballKickball is always a good idea. This is your go-to sport for socializing, inclusiveness, and off-the-field fun. 

Volleyball. Play it indoors or outside. Volleyball is year-round fun and way easier to learn than you might think. 

Bowling. Small teams and happy hour specials for every game make for a relaxed take on the social sport culture we love. 

Bar Games. A weekly excuse to meet up with friends and play cornhole and beer pong? Why not! 

Flag Football. For the days when you wish you were running plays with your fantasy line up... 

Soccer. If you enjoy running, are good with your feet, and prefer team sports to setting PRs, you’ll feel right at home in the middle of a soccer field.

Foam Dodgeball. Healthy competitive outlet? Check. Big teams for meeting friends? Check. Great way to keep in shape and way more fun than a treadmill? Check. 

Softball. A classic game for all abilities. Could a company softball team be your answer for team building activities this year? 

Basketball. There's nothing like a sweaty sprint down the court to score a layup. 

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