The Box Crushers: Destiny brought them together for Founders Cup

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 09:21

The Box Crushers: Destiny brought them together for Founders Cup

Captain Michael Long of The Box Crushers from Atlanta, GA shared his new team song and gave us the inside scoop on his team and what they are most excited about at the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship.


“Hailing from the Rough and Tumble GA Thunder Division in Atlanta, GA…

We grew up tall, and we grew up fast, with those kickballin’ dudes, kickin’ some kickball *ss.


In West Atlanta-delphia, born and raised, on the kickball field is where we learned

to amaze. Kickin’ on back, and relaxin all cool, and kickin’ some homeruns, cause we pitty da fools.


And we’re proud… to say…. We be Box Crushin….

Where at least we know we thrive…..

And we won’t forget….the teams that cried….

Cause they gave this pride to us….

And we’d gladly stand up….next to you…..

And deliver another W….

Cause there ain’t no doubt, we love this sport….

God Bless the B-O-X!”

WAKA: How did the team the Box Crushers come together?

Michael L: I would say the Box Crushers came together through Destiny. Coming from every corner of the world, in a time when Kickball seen as the only way out.  A gang of vagabonds and ragamuffins dug deep to find conformity in true unison, when many believed strife would get the best of us.


How long have you been playing WAKA kickball?


I have been playing for about two years now and six seasons.  Each year we have improved, and made strategic changes which have added to the dynamic, and skill of the team.  My heart has been in the game for at least 86 years.

What are some of your team’s greatest strengths on the field?


I would say our greatest strength is our calf muscles and our versatile reaction to adversity.  Our team sticks together when times are tough, and we are always helpful to those who need an extra beer.

What is the best WAKA kickball game you’ve played so far this year?


I would say our best game was when our team secured it’s only tie of the season.  Not because it was a tie, but due to the fact we were down 6-1, came back, and even had a chance to win. The gods told us it was time to pack it in and roll over, we politely replied “No Thank You.”


What are you looking forward to most at Founders Cup Weekend in Las Vegas this year?


We are looking forward to meeting fun, ambitious, righteous and sturdy new kickballers from around the country.  This is a time when America’s past time can collaborate on the latest advances in the kickball game, and in the same minute can turn around and enjoy a laugh, a high five, and a hug at the Pink Flamingo. That is what America is all about, right?