Things to do for an Adult Spring Break at Home

Monday, March 21, 2016 - 12:38

Things to do for an Adult Spring Break at Home

It’s almost time for spring break, and while vaction may be tempting, you've got a calendar full of friends' weddings, and can’t take an extra week off right now to hit the beach.
But don't fear, there's good news. It's super easy to plan a staycation, and because you are a fun loving, modern adult, you can make your own spring break at home. Here are some ideas to get you started:
Get outside: Grab your sunnies and take real lunch breaks for a whole week. Bring a picnic to a different park or outdoor space each day and enjoy the sun. Try croquet, bocce ball, or badminton.
Party like you're still in college:  Have a dinner party to celebrate friends. Go to the best nightclub or bar with live music. Go to a concert. Take time to be really silly.
Hold Your Own Film Festival: Pick multiple movies in your favorite genre or new releases that sound interesting. Grab some snacks, sweatpants, and enjoy time with friends that takes Netflix binging to the next level.
Relax: Sleep late, watch Saturday morning cartoons, take naps, and go to bed at a regular hour every night for a week.
At-Home Yoga Retreat: Do a rise and shine stretch, eat healthy food, read books, write poetry, practice yoga and try meditation. Plant a garden.
Tour your city: Take a guided tour, eat at all the local food spots, find a new favorite restaurant, participate in a new activity, go somewhere you’ve never been. Visit all the museums that you can. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

Mix up your routine: Do one new thing in your neighborhood every day for a week. Try a new coffee shop, walk a new route, stop into a shop you've never been in before. 
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