Things WAKA Dads Want To Do On Father’s Day

Sunday, June 21, 2015 - 18:53

Things WAKA Dads Want To Do On Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! To celebrate, we asked WAKA dads what their ideal Father’s Day would be and we were impressed with the answers - this all sounds really fun!

Here’s what these baller WAKA dads had to say: 

“A perfect Father’s day is a round of golf or disc golf and ice cream with my family.” – Alex T.

“I like to get a game of soccer or volleyball in then an afternoon at the pool or beach.” – Joey N.

“Date night.” – Bernie R.

“A trip to SeaWorld and a cookout with our friends (+ flip cup).” – Will L.

“I like to have all of my favorite foods and a few beers and hit up the drive in or arcade.” – John V.

“We make breakfast with the kids then walk to the park or playground. We’ll probably try to see Jurassic World this year.” – Paul M.

“Visiting my dad with my son and spending an afternoon together.” – David R.

“Surfing, then breakfast and a bike ride. I like to get the whole family involved so my 3 year old has his own bike.” – Pete N. 

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