3 Inspiring CLUBWAKA Community Leaders

Monday, January 15, 2018 - 20:30

3 Inspiring CLUBWAKA Community Leaders

If you spend time with CLUBWAKA, odds are you’ll meet some incredible people and make some new friends. 

This month, we’re highlighting some of these amazing members and staff - leaders from our community who bring people together, create joy for themselves and others, and help make CLUBWAKA great! 

Here are three stories from our members, prepare to be inspired: 

Name: Emily F.
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts 

How do you turn every vacation into an opportunity to do good? Collect the travel sized toiletries from the hotel and donate them! “It’s really that simple,” says Boston-based CLUBWAKA member Emily F. who collects donations for Project Patriot on each CLUBWAKA vacation she attends.

Emily joined her first CLUBWAKA kickball league in 2006 and has played more than forty (40!) seasons to date. This year at WAKAPALOOZA in Las Vegas, she collected enough donated items from other players to make Project Patriot gift bags for 40 soldiers!

Name: Kevin G. 
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada 

Kevin has been playing kickball and working as a CLUBWAKA Community Coordinator since 2015. During that time, he has worked tirelessly to mobilize the community around countless charity events and to volunteer for causes around Las Vegas. This past fall, Kevin designed and created special “pink ribbon” kickball uniforms for his team at WAKAPALOOZA in solidarity with a teammate undergoing treatment for breast cancer. 

Name: Peyton N.
Hometown: Los Angeles, California 

Peyton is easy to recognize at CLUBWAKA tournaments and events - she’s usually the one behind the camera! The LA-based member has played kickball, foam dodgeball, volleyball, and pretty much every other CLUBWAKA activity on the west coast. Peyton has been volunteering as a CLUBWAKA photographer for the past several years, and has traveled to events and tournaments nationwide capturing some of our favorite action photos ever.

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