Relive the Top Kickball Plays of 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013 - 14:00

Relive the Top Kickball Plays of 2013

A lot of awesome kickball games happened this year from the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship, to kickball league championships, to the Balls ‘n Dolls tournament. We asked WAKA kickball players to think back over the year and tell us about the greatest kickball game plays they made in 2013. Here’s what they had to say:

“Holding the opposition to a 1-run performance in a 3-1 pitcher's duel, the highlight play being when I caught a line-drive comebacker right back to the mound” - Josh B.

“Getting to second base both on the field and off in the same night!” - Jeff M.

“Pump faked a throw to tag somebody out, she stopped, then took off running again, and I barely tagged her toes with a BAD throw.” - Zac C.

“Scored a triple play.” - Brian W.

“Catching a rocket over the shoulder catch that rolled onto my back to end the game with the tie-ing runners on 1st & 2nd.” - Jon H.

“I had 2 2-out bases loaded triples in the SAME NIGHT. 2 at bats, 6 RBI!” - Matt V.

“Played Shortstop, I caught a line drive kick for the out then threw the ball to first base for the third out to end the inning.” - Adrian A.

“Homerun Bunt!” - Erin J.

“Pitched and fielded a lined grounder to my right. Then threw it in between my legs to first for the out” - Brittish P.

“Pitching two strike outs in the 6th inning ending the game 4-3 us! Who actually gets strike outs!?!” - Justin C.

“Charged in from 3rd base to grab a bunt attempt, long snapped the ball through my legs (no look) right to the chest of our shortstop covering to get the force at 3rd!!!” - Patrick K.

“As catcher, not having enough time to scoop up the ball, I decided to kick the ball, instead, and pegged the runner in the back just before he touched first.” - Andrew T.

“Dead sprint on a no-doubter HR kicked to left center and made an over-the-shoulder catch while still sprinting. The guy had already rounded 2nd on a jog when I turned around holding up the ball.” - Dave C.

What was your best kickball play of 2013? Tell us in the comments!