Top Kickball Uniform Colors 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 13:10

Top Kickball Uniform Colors 2014

Every year, new fashion trends influence the top WAKA Kickball team t-shirt color trends. This year is no different with a wide variety of more than 20 uniform colors to choose from including a few brand news ones. Here are the top 7 most popular kickball team shirt colors of 2014:

1. Lime Green
2. Royal Blue
3. Black
4. Cardinal
5. Irish Green
6. Carolina Blue
7. Purple

With the exception of the most popular and electrifying Lime Green, these are basic but surprisingly trendy colors. These colors go with most athletic shorts and socks, and can be a great solid base for any extra kickball accessories and costumes.

If you want your uniforms to separate your team from the pack, you might want to consider some of the less popular but classically stylish kickball colors like Gold, Navy, and Orange. Many kickball teams also like to customize their t-shirts and choose white or ice grey to tie-dye, bedazzle, or apply a team logo.

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