10 Unique Team Traditions from around WAKA Nation

Friday, February 27, 2015 - 20:28

10 Unique Team Traditions from around WAKA Nation

We wanted to get some new ideas for fun at the fields this season, so we asked CLUBWAKA players to share their team rituals and the "special sauce" that gets them pumped for game time.

We found that CLUBWAKA teams have lots of different traditions including team songs, cheers, and celebratory cocktails. Many of these traditions have become super important to WAKA players and are a big part of their games each week.

Check out these ten ideas and start a new tradition with your team this season:

1. “When our team in the AZ Blister league huddles up after the game, we vote for our MVP, then they get to pick what we’re cheering for. We cheer the first thing that comes out of their mouth. They're typically caught off guard and we get some really special sound effects and/or "I don't know what to say" followed by embarrassment.” - Robert Y.

2. “Win or lose, we have a team dance party at the field after every game!” - Hermie F.

3. “We wear wings! Everyone on the team has a pair. We have angel wings, bat wings, butterflies, and some people with really crooked broken ones because they store them in the trunk of the car with kickball gear.” - Suzy G.

4. “Everyone has a special walk up song when we kick. You get to pick your song before the season starts and have the same song the whole season. It’s hilarious!” - Dave R.

5. “We are We Kick Your Balls and we celebrate team birthdays with a fiesta at the fields. We get a pinata, cupcakes in our team color (purple), jello shots, and let the birthday boy or girl pitch and kick first in the order.” - Hannah B.

6. “The Silly Nannies in WV Jewel City League give a "Growler of the Game" to the team MVP each week. The growler is always full of a different awesome craft beer and we change it each week.” - Brandon W.

7. “Our team in the TX Republic League has a team flabongo and everyone on the team has to drink out of it at least once each game. It’s good luck.” - Nikki C.

8. “We do a team happy hour before the game at a bar next to the field. We make team signs for each player and put them up on the sidelines. We have team tailgate parties on the weekend and team dinners. Our team definitely has the most spirit in the league!” - Kelly S.

9. “Our team wears different matching shorts and socks every week. Sometimes we all wear green, sometimes thongs, or on Wednesdays, we wear pink.” - Jen M.

10. “We have surprise nicknames for everyone on the team and put them on the backs of the shirts for the first night of games. People seem to take on their nickname persona as the season goes on.” - Keith S.

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