WAKA Dodgeball continues to grow

Monday, January 9, 2012 - 10:35

WAKA Dodgeball continues to grow

After launching late last year, WAKA newest social sport, adult dodgeball, continues to grow!

There are currently WAKA Dodgeball leagues open for registration in Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maine, Texas and Virginia, with even more to come. And WAKA uses soft play dodgeballs (pictured here on the left), so you don’t get stung like in grade school.

"We're rolling out dodgeball in more cities now and players tell us they like having a second option for getting some exercise and meeting new people," says WAKA Development Manager Brian Hain. "It's exciting to see new people discovering WAKA through dodgeball and our longtime kickball players enjoying a new sport. The social aspect is so important to the majority of them and they're finding that whether it's kickball or dodgeball, they can count on WAKA."

WAKA Dodgeball Leagues Currently Open for Registration:

FL Orlando Dodgeball - Regular Season starts Tuesday, March 27th - Orlando, FL

GA Atlanta Dodgeball - Regular Season starts Friday, February 3rd - Atlanta, GA

MA Somerville Dodgeball - Regular Season starts Thursday, February 16th - Somerville, MA

ME Bayside Dodgeball - Regular Season starts Sunday, February 28th - Portland, ME

TX Dallas Dodgeball - Regular Season starts Tuesday, January 10th - Dallas, TX

TX Riverside Dodgeball - Regular Season starts Wednesday, January 11th - Austin, TX

VA Midlothian Dodgeball - Regular Season starts Monday, February 6th - Midlothian, VA

OK City Dodgeball - Regular Season starts Thursday, January 19 - Oklahoma City, OK

If you're interested in learning more about when WAKA Dodgeball might be coming to your area, keep an eye on WAKADodgeball.com or feel free to contact us.

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