Make $2,000! WAKA's new franchise referral program

Thursday, September 22, 2011 - 11:54

Make $2,000! WAKA's new franchise referral program

We will give you $2,000!!! Send a new WAKA franchise owner our way!

We’re spreading the joy of WAKA Kickball to more places with our new franchise program, launched earlier this year. We already have our first franchise up and running in New Orleans and now you can earn $2,000 if you refer anyone to us who becomes a WAKA franchise owner/operator!

We've designed the program to be simple and easy to execute. Here is the high-level overview:

1. Identify colleagues or friends looking for a fun, new business opportunity

2. Email the WAKA Franchise referral page information to them. Make sure the person you refer enters your name and email on that form the first time they complete it – it is required that they do this in order for you to be eligible for a referral fee.

3. We will track all signups to link each referral back to you. For each individual that becomes a WAKA franchise owner/ operator, we’ll give you $2000!
Additional details about the WAKA franchise referral program can be found here.

If you would like general information about WAKA Franchising contact us today!

We look forward to you helping us spread the joy of kickball even further and rewarding you for it­, $2,000 at a time!