WAKA Kickball & Social Sports TV Casting Call 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014 - 08:36

WAKA Kickball & Social Sports TV Casting Call 2014

WAKA Kickball & Social Sports is currently casting for a reality show based on YOU! If you and your team think you have what it takes to entertain the masses and want to partake in this new cutting edge TV series email wakacasting@gmail.com. PLEASE include responses to the following questions along with contact info (phone & email) and any photos and videos that show off how great your team is!

1.  What is your team name, where are you located, and how many people are on your team?
2.  How long has your team been together?
3.  What makes your team stand out – on and off the field?
4.  Who are the key players on your team and why? Describe their personalities?
5.  Is your team extremely competitive, laid back or strictly in it for the social aspects?
6.  What made you decide to join a WAKA kickball team?
7.  How big of a part does kickball play in your daily life?

PLEASE NOTE: Casting submission does not guarantee selection to participate in the WAKA series. 

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