WAKA King of the Hill Award Winners

Monday, January 13, 2014 - 12:24

WAKA King of the Hill Award Winners

It’s the day after the Golden Globes and a few weeks before the Academy Awards, and WAKA would like to take this opportunity to celebrate great teams and leagues from around the nation by presenting the King of the Hill Award Winners.

WAKA’s King of the Hill Awards are presented each year to those that embody the WAKA spirit of creating opportunities for fun and memorable experiences, with all winners chosen through nominations and voting by WAKA players. Here is the complete list of award winners and honorable mentions from 2013:

Social King 

True to their Vegas roots, the parties in the NV Lucky League never end. In 2013, the league hosted ski trips, group events at professional sports games, fun runs, pub crawls, parades, and more. In addition, league members routinely host pool parties, costume parties, fantasy football leagues, holiday parties, tournaments, and more! If you have a chance to travel to Vegas and party with these folks, you will not be disappointed!

Other big time party people include members of the MA Ivy League in Boston and TX Live League in Austin.

Games King -  This year, the Games King award goes to the Chubby Gangsters from the VA Peninsula League who played over 100 games together! The team celebrated their 100th game with costumes in 35 degree weather!

We’d also like to give a special shout out to team Fall Tea Balls from Portland, Maine who make every game “Bruce Springsteen night” with denim vests worn over their WAKA jerseys and include an oversized David Hasselhoff as their team mascot.

Video/Photo King - The TX Woodlands League does a marvelous job documenting the fun they have at the fields, bar, and league events. A volunteer league photographer records the action and creates Facebook photo albums for everyone to enjoy each week! It’s so fun to see new faces and friendships throughout the season!

Charity Fundraising King - The AL Capital League made WAKA history this year with their amazing efforts to support the American Cancer Society and Montgomery Dragon Boat Race & Festival. In one season, they raised a whopping $7,231 by hosting a hot wing eating contest, Karaoke Wars, raffles, and a tacky sweater holiday benefit party. In addition, several members traveled to a rural community in Brazil and taught children how to play kickball with donated balls and equipment.

Volunteers King - This year, there are 2 league winners for the Volunteers King award and fortunately they come from the same city! The LA Crescent League and LA Jazz League have more than 50 active volunteers who help coordinate member parties, games, and fundraisers and together raised more than $14,000 for charity this year.

It’s players and teams like these King of the Hill Award winners that make WAKA leagues exceptional and we can’t wait to see what you all do in 2014!


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