WAKA League Spotlight: Durham, North Carolina

Saturday, February 21, 2015 - 11:09

WAKA League Spotlight: Durham, North Carolina

While all WAKA leagues offer a fun and happy escape from the 9 - 5 every week, each league is a little bit different and reflects the unique personalities of the players in the area. To highlight the local flavor of these awesome leagues and inspire you to try fun things with your teammates, we’re giving your the inside scoop in our new WAKA League Spotlight series.

Read on to discover what WAKA is like in Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

WAKA players love bowling.

The first ever WAKA Bowling League started in Durham, NC in 2012 and now runs 4 seasons a year with hundreds of players.

WAKA players love local micro brews.

There are 28 local breweries in our area including Aviator, Lonerider, Raleigh Brewing, and Big Boss. Players love to get nerdy and talk about these smaller batch beers while sampling them with their teammates after games.

WAKA players go wild for holiday theme events.

In Durham and Chapel Hill, WAKA players enthusiastically celebrate holidays and dress up for theme weeks. There is an annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Bar Crawl, Halloween Party, St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawl, and a Cinco De Mayo Fiesta.

WAKA is the local love connection.

Last season alone, there were at least 10 new relationships that bloomed out of some friendly social sport play in Durham and Chapel Hill. Whether it's on the field, at the bar, an inter-league relationship, or the league organizers playing matchmaker, players know WAKA is the best place to meet someone new.

WAKA players know the best spots to hang out.

Throughout the year, WAKA hosts social events all over Durham, Chapel Hill, & Carrboro, North Carolina. Past events include brewery tours, trampoline arenas, trivia nights, karaoke, happy hours, and scavenger hunts.

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