A Special Series: WAKA Moms Part 2

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 16:14

A Special Series: WAKA Moms Part 2

This is a continuation of our special WAKA Moms celebration. We’ve so enjoyed hearing from our players and hope you enjoy their unique stories!

Meet the WAKA Moms

Erica plays on team Chicken Tetrazzini in the VA Peninsula and her daughter Hope loves to watch the games!  

We met Katelyn and Alana at World Kickball Championship Weekend in 2012. Katelyn had a WAKA kickball painted on her belly, and later, had an awful kickball shaped sunburn. At the end of March and the first game of the new kickball season, she gave birth to their son Sawyer. She still has a kickball shaped tan on her stomach!

Kiley has played in the TX Freedom League and in the TX Tornado League. She has a 5 year old daughter, named Ava who tags along weekly to the games and is part of the group! Kiley has met some of her best friends through kickball!

Laelah is the proud mom of 6 month old Gabriella plays in the CA Tinseltown League on team I’d Hit Your Moms Hot Balls with her husband Tom. She’s also played in the CA Silverlake and CA Studio league.

Meggan is a WAKA Mom of two and plays for the WV Jewel City League in Huntington, WV, on TEAM BAGTAG.

Want to get to know more WAKA Moms? Check out the rest of the series. See WAKA Moms Part 1 Here!

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