A Special Series: WAKA Moms Part 4

Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 16:12

A Special Series: WAKA Moms Part 4

For those of you unaware, we are featuring WAKA players all week who play kickball and raise awesome kids! Here’s our 4th installment of the WAKA moms you should know! We hope you enjoy!

Meet the WAKA Moms

Shanda is a mom and plays on the Femkickers in the NC Triangle League.

Amanda is a Mom who runs two WAKA leagues as a community coordinator, has a full time job, goes to school, and I just got married to my husband who I met playing kickball.

Liz plays on DTF “Down to Forfeit” in New Orleans and is a single mother to a 4 year old little boy, Jacob. She works and goes to school full time and makes kickball every week! According to Tabitha, Liz’s teammate “Jake is our smallest teammate and has a blast with all of us!  He’s gets a lot of attention because no one else has kids.  We’ve all adopted him and we refer to him as “Baby DTF” or “The Next Generation of DTF”.”

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