Beyond the Bow: Stories and testimonials from WAKA on Water

Friday, April 12, 2013 - 11:39

Beyond the Bow: Stories and testimonials from WAKA on Water

On April 5, 2013, nearly 600 kickballers piled up on a boat for an adventure that only the brave would live to tell. Actually, all 600 kickballers made it back in one piece -- they even survived the pub crawl in Mexico -- but these are just the ones that remembered some of it enough to recount their favorite memories and shout out to their loyal and amazing ring leaders.


"Besides just the amazing parties, drinking, & constant eating (definitely gained the Cruise-15!), the WAKA cruise brought a chance to meet new, cool, and amazing people, just like in college. And though recovering is a little harder now, the people I met, the existing friendships that grew stronger and the great memories I now have, made my 3 day hangover worth it. No doubt the WAKA cruise will be filed into my memory bank right next to my college days as "that one time that I'm trying hard to remember."

~Elizabeth Harrison, CA Crown Community Coordinator


"The WOW Cruise was well simply that, wow! It was awesome to see everyone dancing plus the boat swaying back and forth. It looked exactly like line dancing only unintentionally. People would all move together in the same direction and even fall to the ground and get up and keep dancing like nothing happened. You couldn't tell if it was the boat or the booze that knocked them down. It was a sight to see and pure entertainment!" ~Javi Ruiz, CA Big Kahuna, CA Studio, CA South Bay, CA Surf City, CA Invincible, CA Cruise 


"Just have to say I really had an amazing time on this cruise. A really, really fantastic time. Thanks Sa and everyone else that put it together. The entire WAKA group was super friendly and fun. Met lots of new friends and my interactions with everyone were 100% positive the entire trip." ~Russell Tan, CA Fogtown, CA Gold Rush, CA Marina, CA SF Dodgeball, CA Cruise

"I'm worried to leave the house I have a feeling I will be walking in Zigzags, ready for next years cruise :)"

~Aerin Sizelove, CA Fogtown, CA Cruise


"Sad day waking up and not being able to head to the Buffett and reminisce about last night shenanigans.
Waahhh I miss my 600 best friends." 
~Ashley Marie {Ashley! Where do you play?!}, CA Cruise


"I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to Sa, Alex, Sarah and everyone else that made this happen. The memories are legendary and I cannot wait to see what the next event brings! " ~Evan Lindenmayer, CA Tinseltown, CA Hollywood, CA Cruise


"You tell me I'm crazy, loud, fun, did I say crazy? I tell you I'm WAKA." ~Rita Issa, OK Bricktown, OK Capital, CA Cruise


"I know it was a successful vacation when you are more exhausted upon your return home than when you left! ♥" ~Becca Deragisch, CA Barbowl, CA Surf City, CA Cruise


Thank you to everyone who jumped on board for this crazy adventure! Where should WAKA on Water go to next?