WAKA Player Spotlight

Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 12:44

WAKA Player Spotlight

WAKA has grown into a gigantic community of kickball players of all ages all over the US. Here’s a glimpse into the experiences of other WAKA players just like you!

Occupation: Litigation and electronic discovery consultant
WAKA Player Since: I've been playing for about 5 years. The Spring CA Hollywood will be my 10th season.
Current Team Name: I'm captain of Pitch, Please! in CA Hollywood (the only team i've ever played with)
Kickball Position:  Pitcher and first base
Best WAKA memory: Defeating Riff Raff in extra innings, Round of 32, Founders Cup 2010
Nicole and Phrog
Occupation: Nicole is a Real Estate Broker. Phrog is a Radiation Safety Officer and Professional Photographer
WAKA Player Since: Nicole has been playing since 2007, Phrog since 2009 
Current Team Name: Candy Van and Walk of Shame in TX Capital
Kickball Positions: 2nd Base and Catcher
Best WAKA memories: Nicole: Catching a huge outfield fly ball to get us into the finals Phrog: I think taking our rescue squirrel, little phuzzy nuts, to the playoffs in 2009 because we had to feed him every two hours!
Occupation: Event Coordinator for large corporate events in LA
WAKA Player Since: My first season was Spring 2011. I then took a season off, and started again in Spring 2012. It was all downhill from there. For the best of course :) Since Spring 2011, I've played... 10 seasons. And I am signed up for 3 more seasons coming up in the CA Winter/Spring Leagues
Current Team Name(s): I am registered for 3 upcoming seasons with: Sofa King Good, Wake n Bake and WAKAholics
Kickball Position: left rover/left center, or right field.
Best WAKA memory: I don't know where to start! I guess I would say I have three.
The first would be when the team that I am one of the captains of, Menace 2 Sobriety, beat the 2 season champions in the finals, to be the season champions. Second would be, my first WAKA championship with Sofa King Good. Last, would be the making of the Call Me Maybe video. Which was AWESOME because most of the girls were from different teams, and we all got together and had a blast
Occupation: QA Engineer
WAKA Player Since: 2009, 6 seasons
Current Team Name: WAK A Shame
Kickball Position: Pitcher, OF
Favorite WAKA Memory: The good friends I've made
Occupation: Fashion Design
WAKA Player Since: Jan 2006, started in the CA Studio League
Current Team Name(s): AKT, Los Brew Crew, Sofa King Good
Kickball Position: Short Left Field
Favorite WAKA Memory: WAKA Founders Cup year of the Slip and Slide in 2008
Occupation: Landscape Architect and Varsity Cross Country/Track Coach on the side.
WAKA Player Since: Spring of 2008. I started on a rag tag Sunday Funday team in NYC and it was love at first sight. I've played in 5 states and somewhere around 25 seasons, I've lost count.  
Current Team Name: I played with MPU a.k.a. Mobile Party Unit this Fall out of NY Mid Hudson in Poughkeepsie, NY. I'm in the off season right now but I will be playing with Fire It Up! come Spring in the same league.
Kickball Position: I play various positions based on my mood that day. In NY Mid Hudson I primarily play charger/crasher/striker, in competitive tournaments I play catcher and I play 1st base when I want to show off.
Favorite WAKA memory: That's like asking Michael Jordan what his favorite shot ever was. WAKA is a unique experience that creates a subculture of people that want to have a great time. Over time it becomes more of a lifestyle rather than a sport. You play kickball, you socialize at the bar after and before you know it you're going on vacation with teammates, going to their weddings or maybe even having your own kickball wedding! You create life long relationships and that's something special. As long as you push the envelope WAKA will lick the stamps!

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