What To Know About WAKA's Ski Trips

Friday, January 29, 2016 - 18:37

What To Know About WAKA's Ski Trips

WAKA's Ski Trip season is here, and there's a lot to look forward to.

Perhaps you read about WAKA’s Ski Trips- you know, those debaucherous vacations set in wintery locations around the US… Well, guess what - WAKA is taking their insane party shenanigans to the slopes of Lake Tahoe, CA this weekend!
So, what are WAKA Ski Trips?
Weekend long ski vacations where a group of WAKA people (20- 30 somethings) take over a resort and ski and party until they pass out next to the hot tub. The best part? Wherever you go, you’ll run into other WAKA people - just look for the costumes.

How does it work?

Simple, instead of spending time looking for mountainside house rentals, you instead book pre-blocked rooms for your crew in the WAKA. Get in on one of the trips this season!

Days are spent on the mountain with a little kickball in the snow and mimosa brunches thrown in for good measure, and nights are spent partying. The trip price includes your lodging, lift tickets, and passes to all WAKA events and après-ski parties.
What if you can’t ski?
It doesn’t matter. The WAKA ski trips are jam packed with day parties, themed bar crawls, outdoor adventures, and club nights for guests. The parties often include hot tubs and in Jay Peak, there is an indoor water park! In addition to skiing and parties, there are group lunches, costume contests, and other activities that have absolutely nothing to do with hurling down the side of a mountain at terrifying speeds.

Book a spot on a WAKA Ski Trip or Vacation this season! 

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