WAKA Summer Camp 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015 - 21:57

WAKA Summer Camp 2015

WAKA’s first Summer Camp for adults was held in the Los Angeles National Forest and campers enjoyed perfect weather for a full weekend of activities. It was an eclectic mix of people and games ranged from bubble soccer and glow in the dark kickball to team color wars and beer archery. There was something for everyone at WAKA Summer Camp, and campers tried to hit as much of the action as they could. Check out the highlights below and stay join us on the next WAKA Vacation.

“Dodgeball! My team the Plastered Penguins were amazing!! The Ropes Course and pushing my limits was a great experience. Spin the bottle at 2am. Foot Golf because it was awesome.” - Jessy G.

“Hanging around the campfire until sunrise! Breakfast naps!” - Fernando E.

“DJ Chris Kim! Ropes Course. America Party. Talent Show. Supporting Harold Robinson Foundation.” - Macie B.

“Making it to the top of the ropes course. Doing the slip & flip and getting it one & done. Finding a summer camp crush. The chef making me awesome vegan food. Learning pole dancing moves from Angela. Perfecting my hula hoop skills.” - Kelli B.

“Impromptu conga line on friday night!” - Chris K.

“Making a ton of new life long WAKA besties to add to the many I already have!” - Carlee C.

“Winning survivor flip cup! Watching the stars and sunrise! Flipping over 5 times in bubble soccer! Rave at the pool! Glow in the dark kickball in the woods! Dancing on tables at lunch!” - Emily B.

“Trying to go to bed but getting back up to party again due to the FOMO from hearing everyone else outside.” - Peyton N.  

“Ignoring the soccer aspect and just running into people in Bubble soccer. Climbing rope on the ropes course without using legs. The judges roast of talent show. The napoleon dynamite dance at the talent show. Watching that guy lose at musical chairs cause he was dancing on the girl instead of going for the chair.” - Thaddeus M.

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