WAKA Kickball & Social Sports Summer To Do List

Thursday, July 2, 2015 - 08:49

WAKA Kickball & Social Sports Summer To Do List

Need inspiration for summer fun? We asked WAKA players to share their plans for summer adventures and favorite summer activities. Check out this list and see how many you can cross out before Labor Day:

·       Go to an outdoor concert
·       Sleep on the beach 
·       Pick strawberries, blueberries, (any berry!)
·       Watch a movie outside
·       Dive in at the sand volleyball pits
·       Have a sleepover with your kickball team
·       Walk around barefoot for a whole day
·       Play capture the flag, kick the can, and four square 
·       Plant a garden veggies, flowers, or herbs
·       Spend a day at the beach
·       Go to a farmer's market
·       Make lemonade from scratch (add a #WAKAhoney twist)
·       Go on a ride or slide
·       Take a sunset cruise
·       Have a picnic in the park with your team
·       Go to a festival or fair
·       Play tourist and get lost in your own city
·       Play Bocce ball, croquet, badminton
·       Run through a sprinkler
·       Get ice cream from the ice cream truck
·       Go camping with your kickball team
·       Toss a Frisbee or play ultimate
·       Make a summer playlist for your next game

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