WAKA Kickball Players Inspire At Risk Youth

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 16:04

WAKA Kickball Players Inspire At Risk Youth

Players from WAKA Kickball in Cranston, R.I., recently stopped by the RI Training School to participate in a positive incentive event that celebrated 23 students who showed academic excellence. The kickballers shared information about the sport and played a 45-minute kickball game that fostered structure, positivity, healthy competition, and exposure to kickball as a sport and an option to keep them engaged positively upon release from the correctional facility. 

"The WAKA Kickball League truly made a difference in the lives of the 23 youth at the RI Training School. The youth were very excited to play against professional kickball athletes and continue to ask me for their return," said April Seppala, RI Training School reading specialist. 

The WAKA Kickballers play in the RI Thunder league, which meets every Friday night at Hank Soares park. The kickballers are actively involved in their community, committing to a charity each and every season. 

"The youth were even more confident once they won the game. It's not every day that people volunteer to help youth that have created a criminal act," said Seppala.

Keep up the awesome work, WAKA players!


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