WAKApalooza Weekend Team Spotlight: Thirst Responders

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 12:43

WAKApalooza Weekend Team Spotlight: Thirst Responders

Get a primer from CLUBWAKA member Steve R. on all things WAKApalooza Weekend. He's played in the Fun Games several times and he and his kickball team, the Thirst Responders, will be in Las Vegas to play next weekend.

Who are the Thirst Responders? 

We are a team comprised of CLUBWAKA players from the CA-Solar league in Sunnyvale, California. This will be our second Wakapalooza playing under the Thirst Responders name, but you may also remember us from previous years as Double Dare (yeah, like the game show). Half of Double Dare left to take on the Physical Challenges of Founder Cup as the South Bay Sonics, so the other half re-branded. 

What’s the first kickball game you remember playing in? 

My first kickball game (of my adult life) was in 2012 when I signed up for The Good, The Bad and the Excellent in the fall season of CA-Solar. Since then I've played every season in CA-Solar, and most of the seasons in our sister league, CA-Silicon.

You guys have made some pretty awesome looking swag for WAKApalooza Weekend. How did you pick your team theme? Where did your ideas come from? What swag did you make first?

My normal team changes names every season to keep things fresh. Some former names include Friends with Consequences, Titty Sprinkles, Dixon Cider, Sleevless in Sunnyvale, and Wasted Talent to name a few. The season we were the Thirst Responders we felt a little extra ambitious and made a logo, along with a portable sign/beer bong (look for it at the Fun Games!), so it was an easy transition to making the swag for the WAKApalooza team. Last year we made our first attempt at swag but only brought condoms, which didn't go over so well. This year we have koozies and wristbands to pass out, plus some members have hats and flasks that they may be willing to trade (if you've got something good). 

You’ve been playing kickball for a few years now. How has CLUBWAKA influenced your life? 

The biggest effect WAKA has had on my life if that I've met my fiancé through it. We were playing on separate teams at the time, hit it off on a pub-crawl, and made our relationship official on the first WAKA Cruise to Ensenada in 2013. Outside of that, I've made numerous friendships throughout the seasons. 

What do you think is important for new teams at WAKApalooza Weekend to know? 

It's a marathon, don't burn yourself out the first night to the point where you can't enjoy the next day. Save that for Saturday ;)

What are you most excited about this year?

The Flamingo pool party on Friday is always the highlight of the trip for me.

WAKApalooza Weekend tickets are still available! Get yours and more information on the official WAKApalooza Weekend site.