WAKA Party Patrol "on location" at the WAKApalooza Fun Games

Monday, October 21, 2013 - 11:06

WAKA Party Patrol "on location" at the WAKApalooza Fun Games

Earlier this month, the WAKA welcomed 32 teams from leagues around the country to play in the WAKApalooza Fun Games in Las Vegas. The WAKA Party Patrol was right in the heart of the action and share their highlights from the weekend:

Crossing the street between Founder’s Cup and the Fun Games is like walking from Study Hall to Recess. The music was blasting from all corners of the fields, there were more tutus than a ballet recital, and more costumes than even the best Halloween party we’ve ever seen.

Beaches be Crazy out of Southern California got the party started with their coconut bras, jellyfish hats, and abundance of neon fanny packs! I’m not sure they ever kept score because they were too busy celebrating their Social Scene superlative big win! #putitinthefanny

We caught Team Zissou from Albuquerque, New Mexico making up their own rules by running the bases with teammates on their shoulders and doing a conga line with their opponents in between innings! Zissou represented the WAKA spirit all weekend with a choreographed entrance to registration, 100% attendance to all WAKApalooza events, and therefore very well deserved their Founder’s Choice superlative award.  #blameitonthebeanie

A big thanks to Double Dare who doubled our fun by providing a Double Dare Physical Challenge for all teams who had the third round bye! The obstacle course included the famous Double Dare slime, a balloon busting relay, cup flipping, and tons of laughter! It was no surprise that this team went home with the “Get Friendly” superlative by collecting the most swag from all of the other teams. They were definitely a crowd favorite!

At 1pm all of the teams came together for what ended up being the most epic Catwalk in WAKA history! The Plastered Penguins took home the “Sexy and We Know It” superlative by owning their strut down the fields but Ice Ice Baby and Hells Balls also made an amazing appearance on the runway.

Where was Waldo? Well, there were a bunch of them and they were everywhere! From custom striped bows to Waldo dog sweaters, they were giving high fives at every party and showing off their hero prowess! Waldo’s Rebellion from Southern California raised $1325 for Kick-it and as their superlative prize, WAKA will make a $500 donation in their name to total $1825 from these red and white striped charity heroes! #waldosgiveback

The Party Patrol was rocking the Fun Games in their caution tape wrapped golf cart adorned with party swag from all the fun games teams! #thankssleevemealone! We had a blast meeting everyone out on the fields and at the parties and are looking forward to travelling the country and rocking all of the future WAKA Events! #partyyourpantsoff

Until next time, your favorite partiers,

Kristen, Lundy, & the WAKA Party Patrol

On Twitter @KickballKristen, @LundysLife, @WAKAPartyPatrol

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