WAKA's Cutest Couples Contest - Vote for your favorite!

Monday, February 10, 2014 - 00:05

WAKA's Cutest Couples Contest - Vote for your favorite!

We had the so many awesome entries in our 3rd annual Cutest Couples Valentine's Day Contest. Please help us pick a winner by voting in the blog comments below. Simply log in to your WAKA account and leave a comment with the name of your favorite pair! We'll announce this year's winners on Friday, February 14th.

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Nolin and Chase

Nolin and Chase met playing WAKA Kickball in the VA Peninsula League. This photo was taken on the WAKA Events Bahamas Cruise in 2013

"We met playing in WAKA and then when he proposed to me on my birthday in Manhattan in front of the Rockefeller Christmas tree, I said yes!! The couple that plays together stays together." - Nolin

JeffDoug and Valerie

 These two lovebirds met in the CA Celebrity League while playing on opposing teams.

These two rock as a couple for a multitude of reasons, but here are the 14 I've whittled it down to:

  1)  They are each other's yin to the other's yang.  The salt to the other's pepper.  The peanut butter to the other's jelly.
  2)  They're so fun! They're always up for a concert, bar crawl, pool party, etc.
  3)  They're also really active!  "OMG we ran 8 miles this morning" is not an unusual statement.  Neither are day-long bike trips. Neither are ski trips.
  4)  Both of them have great careers and are only going higher places.
  5)  Just look at their hair! Isn't it beautiful?
  6)  They'd do anything for each other.  JeffDoug has run out in the wee hours of the night to get Val a coffee pot when hers broke, so she wouldn't be without it in the morning.
  7)  Valerie is an excellent hula-hooper! She'd win a gold medal if it were an Olympic sport.  She hula-hoops in the living room while JeffDoug makes breakfast on Sundays.
  8)  JeffDoug's name is actually Jeff, but we thought it was Doug, which is partly how they met.  The nickname "JeffDoug" has stuck ever since.
  9)  JeffDoug had a hat made with his new-found nickname.  (See picture below)
10)  Valerie surprised JeffDoug with a Manning jersey the day before the Super Bowl this year.
11)  You know it's true love when they'd rather go no where else than Sizzler for dinner together.
12)  They compromise on their activities:  JeffDoug attends SoulCycle with Valerie, Valerie attends the shooting range with JeffDoug.
13)  Did I mention Val's birthday is on Valentine's Day?
14)  They just really love each other a lot, and it's adorable.

- Rosie

Tabitha and Brandon

Tabitha and  Brandon I met while playing kickball in the Fall of 2012 playing on the same team, Down to Forfeit (DTF).  

"We became friends but had school-kid crushes on each other.  About a year later later, we finally made it official.  Starting out as teammates and friends has definitely made our relationship stronger.  Our team and friends have all had the same reaction... "FINALLY!"  And, for the sake of our WAKA friends, we keep the making out at the bar to a slight minimum. :)" - Tabitha

Kristen and Jacob

Kristen is a WAKA Community Coordinator for the LA Oak League in New Orleans, LA and LA Pelican league in Mandeville, LA.

"I thought this would be a fun contest as my boyfriend and I met just under three years ago playing kickball. I think that we rock as a couple because we constantly support one another in the things that matter most to us. The LA Pelican league that I run is still in it's first few years and still getting off the ground and he is always going the extra mile to help me make the league successful. He is always out promoting with me or setting up and cleaning up fields with me. Making sure that everything runs smoothly and that we can get the league to grow. I also think we rock because we are both super fun and always have a great time together! :)" - Kristen

Justin and Liz

Justin and Liz met on a WAKA Party Barge in Austin, TX

"We played on different teams, but had mutual friends. We started dating and then played on each other's teams. I was originally on Raging Dino's and he was on Teabaggers. We were married last summer, June 29, 2013, which turned out to be the hottest day on record in the ATX; 108!" - Liz


Marisa and Heidi
Marisa and Heidi play in the RI Thunder League in Pawtucket, RI and were recently engaged!

"We are both competitive and find it much more fun to play against each other. As much as we care if our team wins, we are usually more interested in getting each other out.. LOL.. I usually win! (or like to think I do)" - Marisa

Brian and Tiffany

Brian and Tiffany met at a WAKA pre-season party and were married last fall.

"We met at the Pre-Season party at Dicey Riley's in Downtown Fort Lauderdale May 2010 and just about a month later we were dating.
Our team color was red and our team name was "Swollen Red Balls". We then played the FL Riptide League for Fall 2010, team color yellow, name "I'd Hit It". We got married on November 29, 2013." - Tiffany

Michelle and Nathan

Michelle and Nathan met in 2011 while playing together in the New Orleans LA Freedom league.
“Nathan’s the kind of amazing guy who always has a smile on his face, will give you the shirt off of his back (meow!!) and frankly can’t say no when it comes to kickball. He’s a seasoned veteran, playing for well over 4 years now and for several teams and leagues. Everybody loves this guy! Michelle was a fresh face free agent on a team full of, well, other fresh faced free agents. This rag tag team had absolutely no clue what was going on but loved every minute of it. Nathan, among 2 other vets (Yay Moe <3) helped this silly little team as best they could. Although no longer on the same team, next season Nathan and Michelle slowly start to find out they have the same sense of humor, love to dance, are both extremely athletic and dang it they were actually the same height! (The two are often referred to as “The Talls” since both are well above 6’). Fast forward to Valentine’s Day 2012. Michelle, still mildly oblivious that Nathan is into her, gets a candygram with an inside joke of theirs. Michelle coyly inquires on where Nathan would be later than night. Now knowing he planned to go to a singles party at a nearby bar, sugar it was on! She jumped on that like a spider monkey all hopped up on Mountain Dew. No No, Not really!! Come on, I’m a lady =) Later that night the two finally let each other know how they felt and Valentine’s day really did become a day of unexpected romance. The two have been inseparable ever since and we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary this Valentines day!” - Michelle

Travis and Haley 

Travis and Haley met at a WAKA game 3 years ago and play on team PBC in the NV Lucky League in Las Vegas, NV. They are expecting the arrival of their daughter this week! 

"Why do we rock as a couple you ask?! Well, it all started when we met at kickball 3 years ago.. And after the stars perfectly aligned, we now.. 
Play on a team together (PBC, son!)..
Have fun with our league friends together.. 
Party with our teammates together..
Travel to WAKA tourneys together..
Play hard to win together..
Bring home trophies together..
Win costume contests together..
Celebrate good times together..
And even have WAKA baby kickballers together (still waiting for her to arrive, due 2/11/14)! 

We really owe our love and friendship to such a fun & social organization.. And we thank you WAKA for bringing us together forever!!! #WAKARomance #LoveBirds #CutestCouple #KickballCouple #KickballLove #WAKAKickball " -Haley 

Kate and Rob

Kate and Rob play on Balls Deep in the NC Glory League.

"We became friends when I joined Rob's kickball team in 2008. We began dating in 2009 and on April 4, 2014 we are getting married! We know how to have a good time, no matter where we go. We love to laugh, many times at each other. And we compliment each other well. Rob is the crazy competitive one on the field. I like to socialize and have fun with my teammates. Don't get me wrong, I love to win, but he takes it a little more seriously than I do. We rock outside of kickball too. I'm a reporter with one of the Charlotte News stations. Rob covers sports at the competition.  Most importantly we make a great team! Just ask our friends." - Kate

Corey and Jenna 

Corey and Jenna met at games in the LA Pelican League in Mandeville, LA.

"We both weren't looking for a realtionship but with playing WAKA kickball together, it all just kinda perfectly fell into place. I couldnt have asked for a better teammate or girlfriend. Even though we won the League Championship this past season, I still feel like the real championship was winning her heart." - Corey 

Nick and Caitie

Nick and Caitie play in the CA Solstice League and have been to WAKApalooza Weekend in Las Vegas 5 times!

"So I proposed to my long time girlfriend (4.5 years) back in November in front of a bunch of kickballers from our team and others. This was two days after winning the championship for our league (CA Solstice). We met through kickball back in 2009 and have been playing on the same team since 2010 (Multiple Scoregasms)." - Nick

Mandy and Robert

Mandy and Clark play kickball together in the FL Stingray League in Jacksonville, FL.

My name is Mandy and my husband Robert and I have been playing for WAKA for five seasons now. We rock as a couple because we are the life of the waka party. We tailgate before every game and love to make jello and pudding shots with our teammates. Win or loose we party at the bars long past the midnight photo."


Danny and Lynn

Danny and Lynn play in the CA Mercury, CA Studio, and CA Canyon Leagues.

"Why do we rock as a couple? Wow, so many stories… But, I feel like possibly the best example of our awesomeness is how we came to know each other. Lynn and I met playing kickball - both were recruited to play on the same team. Funny thing is, we actually had a verbal "interaction" at the kickball fields before we even met each other. Lynn was playing my brother's team in the playoffs, and my bro's team was smoking them 8-0. Her team scored a run in the last inning, and I hear from the other dugout, "Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!" So, being the sweet guy that I am, I scream back, "scoooooreboard!" No face went with the screaming, just two competitive people getting vocal. Well, flash forward to the fall season, and I'm on my brother's team with a bunch of other people I've never met before. We're getting it handed to us in our first game and then, finally, we score a run in the last inning. I hear from the other end of our bench, "Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!" I look at my brother and I ask (very aggressively I should add), "Yeah yeah is on our team?? C'mon man!"
Well, the "yeah yeah" girl stole my heart that season. After 4 different leagues/tournaments together, I proposed to her at home plate following one of our winter league games in December of last year (picture attached). We're living proof that a playground game can introduce you to the love of your life. I mean, shouldn't that be the way it is? We're in our most honest and real state when we're kids, and kickball brings that out in a person. So, thank you for giving us the forum to be kids again, and to meet the perfect teammate." - Danny

Lauren and Chris

Lauren and Chris play kickball in the LA Jazz League in New Orleans, LA.

"I think we make the cutest couple because we met at kickball and have been dating for over two years. We always have a good time together and never a dull moment. So thanks to Waka, we are as happy as ever and wouldn't of made the friends we have, and each other!" - Lauren

Carli and Raj

Carli and Raj met on a WAKA Events Cruise in California.

"We didn't just meet at Kickball we met on our league's party bus from NorCal down to SoCal for the Waka on Water cruise!  Luckily, neither of us fell overboard, got arrested in Mexico or went to boat jail.  So when we got back to San Jose we started dating - for real dating, not just seeing each other every Thursday night at kickball;)  8 months later he proposed and now we are getting married in October!  We had no idea playing a child's game and drinking too much would lead us to our future!  We are very thankful for Kickball :)" - Carli

Shelby and Justin

Shelby and Justin play kickball together in the TX Liberty League in Dallas, TX.

"We would not have met if it were not for WAKA kickball; we have been playing together for almost 2 years and play together on "Boom Shaka WAKA" of which I am a captain. We throw awesome team bonding activities including happy hours, brunches, tie dye parties and even trampoline dodgeball. The attached picture is from 80's theme night from Summer 2013 kickball (we ALWAYS dress up on theme nights even if we're the only ones - which has happened). We are the reigning champs in our league and plan to lead our team to another Championship win. We are getting married April 18, 2015."

Brian and Liz

Brian and Liz play on team DTF (Down to Forfeit) in the LA Jazz League.

"Brian created DTF in the Summer of 2012 after being on a team that forfeited all the time, hence the Down To Forfeit. One of our mutual friends invited me to play on DTF which is how Brian and I met. We have been together since January 15, 2013 and we blame it all on WAKA. We have participated in many WAKA events together such as Cinco De Mayo Bar Games, WAKA Groundhog Games under the name team Muffin Stuffers which we won and raised $225.00 to donate to the charity of our choice. Brian and our other captain Tabitha organized a WAKA-Team Gleason Kickbowl event to raise money for Team Gleason, a local charity helping with ALS. I created the newsletter while Brian and Tabitha organized the event. Our team was able to raise over $22,000 for Team Gleason. We have also been on multiple WAKA boards. Brian was Bar Games General for Dodgball (2 seasons) and I was the Newsletter Editor (2 seasons). We are currently playing Thursday night Kickball in the New Orleans - Jazz League. We plan to continue to play and hope that we can raise our children in the WAKA community." - Liz

Chris and Geralyn

Chris and Geralyn met in the Spring 2011 VA Peninsula season.

"He had been playing kickball for quite some time and it was my first season. We were at a wine festival with two different groups of friends, all from kickball, when we actually met. After a few hours of chatting at the festival, we parted ways with plans to meet up on the kickball field that following Wednesday. For 2 years we played on opposing teams, and this past August he proposed to me during the first inning of the Fall season! " - Geralyn


Iva and David

Iva and David play on different teams in the CA Hollywood League.

"I'm Iva (Ponies of Death) and that handsome guy in the photo is David "Sherm" (Sofa King Good). We played kickball for 2 years in the Hollywood League before we FINALLY met. When we started dating shortly after, we learned early on that being together made more sense than anything in life EVER has. February 13th will be our 2.5 year anniversary, and in that time we have yet to have an argument. It's effortless like that when you find your partner-in-crime, best friend, and love of your life. I moved to Los Angeles from NYC 4 years on a random gut instinct, not sure what I was looking for, but I felt closer to it in LA. I know now it was him. The photo I'm attaching is one that I think represents our relationship the best...we're playful, romantic, spontaneous, and adventurous. Everyday is exciting when we're together!" - Iva

David and Jessica

David and Jessica play in LA Crescent, Triumph, Freedom and Foam Dodgeball Leagues. 


"To me, this first picture says it all. We will openly mock Jaws, we aint scuuured. This picture was taken about midway through our Extreme Universal/Disney trip. We did both Universal parks, All 4 Disney Parks, and ran a 10 mile race through Disney World in 3 days. Yea, we're that awesome.  We met on the kickball field of glory here in New Orleans. I was immediately entranced with Jessica one day during the LA Triumph season when I smelled her hair and it smelled like a combination of of fresh donuts & rainbows. I really turned on the charm when I told her she was the best female bunter in all of WAKA. Over 2 years later we're still rocking. And she still smells of fresh donuts & rainbows, mmmmmmmmmmm." -David

Jason and Emily

Jason and Emily play kickball in the LA Jazz and LA Triumph Leagues in New Orleans, LA.

"We met almost 4 months ago AT kickball/flipcup and started dating that very instant. She's the first girl I've ever met that accepts everything about me (whether it annoys the crap out of her or not) and never fights are argues with me. There's no doubt that we are your Cutest Kickball Couple!" - Jason

Michelle and Mike

Michelle and Mike (Otter) met while playing on Kickhopopotamus in MA Ivy League in Spring 2011.  

"After our first kickball game together, we played flip cup next to each other and made a secret handshake.  Soon after that, we were inseparable.  We played together in the Founders Cup in Vegas two years in a row. You can usually find Mike playing in left field, and me playing in left center.  I used to be scared of fly balls (ok, maybe they still aren't my favorite), and one time, a ball was coming right at me, and Mike screamed "GET IT!!!" and I caught it, and I was so happy that I ran around the infield holding the ball.  We got engaged in November 2013, and we are so excited to play side by side forever...awwww : )" - Michelle

Kristen and Jeremy

Kristen and Jeremy met in the CO Mile High League in Denver and have played 5 seasons together!

"He was drawn in by her neon yellow knee high socks and stunner shades... She was drawn in by his muscular calves, tight butt and excellent taste in music. After a night of flipcup with their fellow kickballers they remained at the bar singing renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody to karaoke. It was a perfect and tone deaf match! We have been together for 5 seasons of kickball and counting and have been to Wakapalooza twice. We have also captained many teams together! Please Vote for us: Kristen KW and Jeremy from Denver's Mile High League!" - Kristen

Alex and Jackie

Alex and Jackie met while playing on different teams in the MA Ivy League and were married last fall.

"Alex's team had singled me out as the girl in the outfield who couldn't catch a ball to save her life, so the whole team booted as many balls as they could right for me and sure enough they won by a landslide! However, Alex made nice at Tommy Doyle's (MA Ivy's League bar) later that afternoon to get in my good graces and it's been history ever since! Because we both love kickball so much, we decided to do a kickball theme for our engagement photos and had them taken right on the field where we initially met.  We also decided to use one of our favorite engagement kickball photos and made it look like a ticket as our save the date for our wedding last year!  We hope you love it as much as we do! Thanks for all the fun memories, but most of all, thanks for kickball being such a great way to meet your future spouse!" - Jackie

Cliff and LaDonna

Cliff and LaDonna play on a team together in the AL Capital League in Montgomery, AL.

"We rock as a couple because we are best friends & soul mates! We have been together for over 6 years & are still madly in love. This was not a first marriage for either of us (my 2nd, his 3rd!), so we wanted to keep our relationship growing. We realized that we spent too much time on the couch watching TV, so we joined WAKA & met so many new friends & have had the privilege of seeing many new couples form & take it to the altar!" - LaDonna

Matt and Brittany

Matt and Brittany play kickball together in 4 WAKA leagues in New Orleans - LA Crescent, LA Jazz, LA Oak and LA Freedom
"Our League Coordinator calls us "The Power Couple of Kickball." Our relationship has grown over 10 seasons together on 5 different teams, including our team, Big Floppy Kick, that we run and co-captain together (pictured).  Kicking back to back in the line up, and playing right next to each other on the field, we are inseparable and easily the cutest couple in kickball!" - Matt

Leah and Ryan

Leah and Ryan are WAKA players in the CA Magic, CA Hawk, CA South Bay, and CA Surf City Leagues.

"We met in CA-Magic league in June 2013. I was on Pitchslap and he was a Ballstar. It was my first kickball game and league and had no idea I would meet my Ryan Segura that night at the bar. We were on different teams who actually had a huge rivalry. I started dating the "enemy." I then joined CA-Hawk league with Ryan and we played on the same team in that league. I then joined CA-South Bay and CA-Surf City kickball which Ryan had already played in. We play kickball 4 nights a week together and he actually is now running the CA-Magic league and I help him with that. The picture is after we won the Summer 2013 Championship in CA-Hawk league. our team was the Slaughtermelons. Ryan introduced me to the crazy kickball world and now I co captain 3 teams and one is a couples team in South Bay!! I'm so glad I joined WAKA because I met the greatest guy and the love of my life!!!" - Leah

Corey and April

Corey and April met and play kickball in the CA Studio League.

"We've been playing kickball together for a combined 15 years. We met one fateful night when we came out to the championship game neither of us was playing in. Corey will have you think that I hit on him, but it was most certainly the other way around. After 7 years and many adventures together, that fact has become almost mythic. We haven't missed a season playing together. Wait. I lied. I missed one: when I was pregnant with our baby girl. We are currently raising the next generation of kickballer. Clementine Rose Wish is very grateful for WAKA for introducing her parents. " - April

Amanda and Zach

Amanda and Zach met in 2011 while playing kickball in Tulsa, OK.

"Zach and I met through our kickball league and dated two years before tying the knot. Our first kiss was actually in front of a few of our teammates at the bar after a game. As you can see we had engagement pics taken in our kickball shirts.I thank god everyday that kickball brought me to Zachary Wade Piper! My life started back in September 2011 and I didn't even know it. He is the absolute love of my life!!" - Amanda

Ally and Ira

Ally and Ira met while playing kickball in the FL Ocean League in Ft Lauderdale, Fl.

"We met playing kickball, have been together for over a year, and are still rocking our WAKA kickball shirts at the sponsor bars!" - Ally


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