7 Ways Playing Social Sports Can Improve Your Relationship

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - 18:32

7 Ways Playing Social Sports Can Improve Your Relationship

Joining a bowling league, a kickball team, or a playing in a corn hole tournament may not seem super romantic, but we’ve talked with a lot of happy CLUBWAKA couples who've got us convinced that fun and romance go hand in hand, and adding some playfulness to your relationship can bring you closer with your partner, and help you keep things fresh. 

Whether you are moving side-by-side as teammates, encouraging each other, or sharing wins and losses, there are many positive benefits to playing social sports as a couple - especially when it comes to strengthening your relationship.

1. You have a scheduled weekly date night.

Adult life is busy and its easy to get caught up in a routine or lose the playfulness in your relationship. With games, parties, charity events, and tournaments every week, social sports clubs offer dozens of playful ways to have fun with your partner and keep things fresh in a relaxed environment.

2. Playing social sports together helps couples establish a deeper appreciation for each other.

Seeing your partner make the winning catch in a foam dodgeball game, or rock a silly costume for volleyball theme night can help you get to know them in a new context and appreciate them in a new way. 

3. You’ll build a friend group together.

Having fun with your teammates is a great way to socialize and build a support network of friends.

4. You might have adventures that you never expected.

When you join a social sports team, you’ll be meeting new friends and learning new things. Embrace the opportunity to do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone, let your hair down, and really have fun! 

5. You can travel together. 

Social sports clubs offer fun group vacations like ski trips, cruises, party bus tours, and adult summer camps so you and your partner can see the world together and create amazing shared memories.

6. You can keep each other motivated about fitness and health goals. 

Playing social sports gets you both off the couch and moving. You’ll be living an active life and your body and relationship will thank you!

7. You have opportunities to volunteer together.

Many social sports clubs partner with local charities to host fun events, fundraisers, and tournaments. You and your partner can volunteer and get involved. Giving back is a great way to connect with your community and keep perspective of how great your relationship is.

Ready to take your relationship to the next level? Find a CLUBWAKA league near you and sign up to play. 

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