What To Expect At Rock N Roll Kickball Weekend

Thursday, February 4, 2016 - 19:04

What To Expect At Rock N Roll Kickball Weekend

The Rock n Roll Kickball Weekend is officially just one week away. February 12th -14th marks the 3rd annual AZ Rock N Roll Classic and th Southwest Kickball Tournament in Scottsdale, AZ .

If you're planning a visit with us to Scottsdale to play in either tournament, here are some things you can't miss at this year's event:

Pack for parties, team themes, and bring extra t-shirts!

The Rock n Roll Classic is more than just a kickball tournament. You'll be attending a mimosa brunch, tournament after party at Wasted Grain, and  hopping from one bar to the next at the bar crawl around Scottsdale. And if you've ever been to a WAKA Event, you know that teams take their themes and costumes seriously. 

You'll also want to pack extra t-shirts. There are teams at the Rock n Roll Classic that love to swap clothes and steal the sleeves from your t-shirts... 

Check your Tournament Schedule

There are two different tournaments during Rock N Roll Kickball Weekend. The signature event is a super fun, charity kickball tournament called the AZ Rock n Roll Classic. The other event is the Southwest Kickball Tournament and its a qualifying tournament for the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship. Both events will take place on the same day at El Dorado Park - just make sure you know which event you are playing in so you know where to be and when. 

Find a Rock n Roll Classic Friend

See if you know anyone attending the Rock N Roll Kickball Weekend. Seek out fellow attendees who play in other WAKA leagues and share a drink or trade team swag.

DJ Booth at the Kickball Field

There will be battling team DJs around the kickball fields and you will be overtaken by the urge to dance between innings. 

Rock your T-Rex Arms for "slosh ball" 

You don't have to stick with it, but you'll probably want to. 

Still need to register to play? Sign up here! 

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