What Your Uniform Color Says About Your Social Sports Team

Monday, July 31, 2017 - 19:42

What Your Uniform Color Says About Your Social Sports Team

Color psychology reveals what your uniform color says about your team.

Whether you’re a team captain wondering which uniform color to choose this season, or you’re looking to redefine your team’s signature style, the color you choose could have a strong influence how your team is perceived… and the behaviors and emotions of your teammates.  

Have you ever noticed how some colors make you feel calm and relaxed, while others seem to give you energy? There's a whole field of study behind the symbolic meanings of colors and personality traits called color psychology, which examines the ways that colors and hues influence human behaviors.
Even if you or your teammates aren’t consciously aware of the meanings of certain colors, your subconscious is, and understanding color psychology can help you choose a uniform color that suits your team's personality. 

If you're a newbie to social sports and choosing team colors, don't stress. (Really, don't stress. That's sort of the anti-fun, and that’s not what we do when we play social sports.) We've got you covered with everything you need to know about color meanings so you can pick the very best color for your CLUBWAKA team! Read on for our complete list of color meanings:

Red - Passionate, Active, Bold, Courageous

Maroon - Controlled, Thoughtful, Exciting, Motivating

Pink - Assertive, Sincere, Warmth, Friendship 

Orange - Optimistic, Happiness, Cheerful

Brown - Resilience, Ruggedness, Reliability

Yellow - Joy, Happiness, Warmth, and Energy

Gold - Success, Achievement, Triumph

Green - Lively, Healthy, Endurance, Harmony 

Blue - Confidence, Intelligent, Strength, Ambitious

Navy Blue - Loyalty, Success, Sincere, Intelligence

Light Blue - Creativity, Trust, Peace

Purple - Wisdom, Originality, Independence, Imaginative

White - Light, Purity, Innocence 

Black - Elegance, Mystery, Power

Ice Grey - Balanced, Neutral, Calm

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