Why You Should Unplug and Play Social Sports

Friday, August 28, 2015 - 10:32

Why You Should Unplug and Play Social Sports

Friends, happy hour cocktails, and a smart phone in your hand. These days, most of us are juggling a million emails and phone calls and are plugged into our devices all the time. Whether we’re hanging out at the pool or going to a concert, we end up staring at screens and responding to notifications for the majority of the day. 
Having our smart phones, tablets, or laptops always at the ready can create a lot of FOMO, anxiety, and stress. It can also be limiting to your social life if you are glued to your screen instead of interacting with the people around you.
Could joining a social sports team be just what you need to take a break from technology?

It's certainly not easy to throw a ball, slide into a base, or bowl a strike with a phone in your hand. Joining a team can help you put away the tech, have some fun, and give your brain a rest. 

The crew at WAKA Kickball & Social Sports believes in the importance of having a social, active life and taking time to disconnect from devices to reconnect to the community. We get messages each day from WAKA players who tell us that their league games are their weekly stress relief and help them return to their jobs and grad school classes feeling refreshed, relaxed, and happier. With the introduction of WAKA’s new social sports like sand volleyball, foam dodgeball, bowling, and flag football, players can try new games and play multiple nights a week!

Find a league near you and give yourself a “phone free” break this season.


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