Everything you Need to Host your Own Winter Olympics Party

Sunday, February 18, 2018 - 11:08

Everything you Need to Host your Own Winter Olympics Party

Here at CLUBWAKA, we’re all about friendly competition, sports, and fun, so when we thought about planning a Winter Olympics watch party, it was really a no brainer: win-win-win! 

Call up your teammates and have them over for a Winter Olympics viewing party - we’ve got all the inspiration you need for a fun, easy weeknight get-together! Read on & let the games begin! 

  • Get the Winter Olympics vibe going with themed decor - this can be as simple as placing winter sports gear, like snowboards, ice skates, or skis around the house, hanging pitctures of athletes, or cutting out paper snowflakes or Olympic rings.  
  • Create a Winter Olympics Sport dress code and invite your friends to dress up as athletes of their favorite winter Olympic sport.
  • Set up games like tabletop curling (download our FREE template), or Olympic ring toss with mini marshmallow “snow balls.” 
  • Bundle up and head outside for some “speed skating” relay races during the commercial breaks.
  • For munchies, serve edible olympics rings with your favorite snacks (put dips in the center ring), and get beers from around the world.
  • Set up a photo booth area with winter sports gear for funny group photos.

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