Women in Kickball Stories for #InternationalWomensDay

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - 15:00

Women in Kickball Stories for #InternationalWomensDay

International Women's Day is a day to recognize all the awesome things that women do, and for us here at WAKA, to celebrate their place on the team!

Women make up fifty percent of all WAKA members and bring their A Game to the field every single day. So what better way to pay tribute than with these kickball stories from some of the coolest women in WAKA? 

This round up features women who play WAKA Kickball & Social Sports across the US. Check out the stories and share yours with hashtag #MyWAKAStory.

"My favorite thing about kickball is the incredible, diverse, hilarious and unforgettable group of people I've met in this organization. I've definitely made some lifelong friends through WAKA - from dressing up for theme weeks, winning two championships and even traveling across the country for the wedding of two of my teammates, WAKA has made life in Vegas even more exciting. Oh, and let the girls play ;) you never know what kind of secret talent you're harboring with your lady kickballers!" - Kara from the Recess Rejects/The Vinegar Strokes in the NV Lucky/NV Silver League 

"My favorite kickball experience was with my first team The Way You Make Me Field in New Haven(CT Ivy). I had lived in CT for almost 2.5 years and hadn't met a lot ofpeople. After the first game I was in LOVE with everything and everyone WAKA. They're practically my second family. It's hard to explain that most of my bruises aren't actually from the game itself. I'm probably the least stable person after a few drinks. Everyone assumes I'm sore from the game. Little do they know..." -Brittny "BMFB" from Don't Stop Ballieving in the MA Chowder League

"Frank and I met while playing in the VA Peninsula kickball league and played against each other in other WAKA Leagues as well (VA Raptor, VA Freedom, and VA Patriot Draft Express) - you could say we're kickball fanatics! We started dating after a Saturday afternoon league game (and date auction....where we raised money for our Relay for Life team) and the rest is history.Since March 2014, we have played against each other and with each other and are incredibly thankful for the opportunity WAKA kickball provided for us to meet and begin a wonderful relationship! Frank proposed to me on November 22 and we will be getting married next summer!!" - Emily from the Sitch and Heads in the VA Peninsula League 

"I'm very close with my teammates and am part of the mermaids (a close group of girlfriends that all play on our kickball team). We do weekly dinners, Sunday boat days and spend an unhealthy amount of time together. If you are a new kickball player, definitely make sure you show up to open play night- meet people and find a team that you click with. The most fun part about kickball is all the people you get to meet!! your kickball team soon becomes your kickball family and one night of shenanigans a week turns into multiple nights of shenanigans." - Christy K from team "Oysters, Clams & Cockles aka Mermaids aka #youcantkickwithus" in the NV Lucky League 

"My favorite kickball memory has to be last week when one my teammates screamed for the ball missed it, my other teammate ran behind her boggled the ball and I swept behind to catch the ball before falling to the ground. The whole team then ran over to me and pig piled on top of me. When I'm not playing kickball I'm hanging out with my teammates on Dover. If I could give any advice to any rookie or veteran I would say you have to BUNT. It's essential to winning! The best part about kickball is that you're surrounded by your friends and  you can't not have a good time!" - Shealagh from team "Dover the limit" in the CT Star League 

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