Women of WAKApalooza Weekend

Monday, September 30, 2013 - 14:47

Women of WAKApalooza Weekend

Everyone knows that WAKA Kickball is the most fun sport in town and while we may have been known for breeding some competitive players, ever since our recent Balls and Dolls tournament in California, the ladies of WAKA Kickball have claimed their spot on the throne.

Let’s meet some of the fabulous Women of WAKA Kickball now. P.S. they’ll all be joining us for WAKApalooza Weekend as well so keep an eye for them and watch your back because they pack a mean KICK!

“I love kickball because I can be good at it, even though I am accident prone and not at all athletic. On the kickball field, you are not judged by your body shape or size, athletic ability, knowledge of the game, or anything else - you are accepted and appreciated for who you are. The friends I have met through kickball will be my friends for life!” – Jill Minkow , CA SOMA -- Ermahgerd, Kerkberl!  

I started playing kickball because it looked like something fun to do and now I play because these people have become my best friends.  These are the people I share a drink with, a laugh with, and sometimes even a cry  I can't imagine not having my Beaches in my life.  Even if someone moves away, we still keep in touch and re-unite in Vegas for October.” – Lena Ross, CA Hawk -- Beaches Be Crazy


I've played kickball for 4 years and I love it!  I have made more amazing friends than I can count! My life would definitely not be the same without kickba ll!” -- Melissa Stern, NV Lucky -- ShotGunnerZ  


Jodi sent us this poem about her team and we LOVE it!

“Looming out of a hot brown desert with no color in sight,?A group of individuals started competing one Wednesday night,

Mentally deranged, extremely enthusiastic, even CRAZY you could say,

Each person formed this team, a group of PITCHES leading the way,

They are surrounded by an ora burning strong in NEON light,

Chanting Ziggy Zoggy, Ziggy Zoggy they have taken as their right,

Challengers have come trying to tear  this team apart,

ONE TEAM is the motto it has been from the start,

Winning is their habit but even losing they have fun,

Graced in their presence they greet you, PBC SON!!” – Jodi Cueto NV Lucky -- Pitches Be Crazy  


“Team quote: PARTY HARD, PLAY HARDER. What I am most excited about during the weekend of FC is obviously playing with other competitive teams, getting to meet new people and having a fun time at the after parties.” – Jessica Garcia, CA Crown -- Los Brew Crew



“After only a season and a half playing with Pitch Please, it's safe to say I drank the Kool-Aid, in a good way. This team has a great mix of people and I'm happy to have been welcomed into the Pitch Please family. Looking forward to a competitive tourney and to hanging out with friends, old and new, from the LA and east coast kickball contingents at FC!" -- Sara Kabakoff, CA Hollywood -- Pitch Please  


“Kickball is a great way to meet people and to stay active. I love the camaraderie and competitiveness on and off the field. Knowing that I have a kickball game that night helps me get through my workday!” -- Rachel Cannata,  CA Studio, CA Hollywood, CA Tinseltown, CA Venus, CA Mercury -- The Kicktators


“Because they [my WAKA family]  have become family.  I was joking that when I get married, I was going to elope.  But I realized that I couldn't do that because I couldn't do it without them there.” Emily Smith, CA Studio -- Duke City Krackheads  


“WAKA Kickball has given us a chance to meet like minded driven individuals in a similar age group outside of our work or school setting through fun social games on a weekly basis. We play kickball (for Duke City Krackheads) to stay in top physical shape and connect with people throughout the country (particularly in attendance of the Las Vegas games - WAKAPalooza). WAKA has played a HUGE role in our lives in meeting people in our community and has given us the opportunity to give back to our community through charitable events.

WE LOVE KICKBALL!” Anita Vartanian & Kristy Schilperoort, CA Studio -- Duke City Krackheads


“We have been captaining for four seasons, and are excited to be taking our team to the Fun Games this year! We play because our aim is to make kickball as fun as possible for our team, whether that's through making trophies, and inspirational posters to celebrate a season, or designing bro tanks, and having team theme nights to boost team morale.  We're excited to take our passion for kickball and fun to Vegas, and after that, maybe the world!” -- Nina Patrick and Kami Caskey, AZ Blister -- Sleeve Me Alone