Founders Cup World Kickball Championship 2012 Team Invitations

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 - 16:04

Founders Cup World Kickball Championship 2012 Team Invitations

Invitations to the 15th annual Founders Cup World Kickball Championship are being sent this week. Here is some information about the selection commitee's process for choosing who to invite and when:

I qualified for the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship according to the guidelines and the eligibility statement on my League page - is there a chance my team will get invited? 

Short Answer

Yes – it is possible you will receive an invite.  Let us know you are interested if you have not yet received an invite.

Long Answer

WAKA will continue to invite teams until all slots are filled or planning time for the event runs out, whichever comes first.

As you know, WAKA runs leagues from coast to coast, and strives to have representatives from the widest variety of regions possible. We first set out trying to hit certain quotas that reflect a rough proportionality of total WAKA customers.  In other words if a particular market represents 5% of all WAKA teams during the qualifying period, then WAKA would aim to see that region produce 5% of the teams at Founders Cup.  Obviously it doesn't work out that neatly, but it's one of the ways in which we prioritize invites. 

WAKA is continuing to invite teams on a rolling basis (see @founderscup on twitter).  We will keep inviting teams week to week as time allows (approximate last date of invites, prior to 8/31).

Should you write in and let us know if your team is interested and prepared to accept an invite? It couldn't hurt. :) Email