Your Mom is excited for The Kickball Games 2011 in Las Vegas

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 - 17:15

Your Mom is excited for The Kickball Games 2011 in Las Vegas

The Kickball Games
 are coming to Las Vegas on October 7th- 9th for the second annual celeb
ration of the fun, social side of WAKA kickball. The Kickball Games are open to any WAKA player from 2011 and combine kickball, parties, and contests all weekend long. Karen Heffelfinger, captain of Your Mom, a team from CA Tinseltown in West Hollywood, CA, came to The Kickball Games 2010 and says the team can’t wait to come back and is looking forward to meeting new friends at the 2011 event! 


WAKA: How did the team Your Mom come together? 


Karen Heffelfinger: Your Mom started in Spring 2008 in Ca Tinseltown’s inaugural season. It was me and my 2 roommates- who invited our friends and friends of friends to start a team in efforts to meet new people. The first time we all got together was for “Sundae Sunday” and it was an instant connection for everyone. When everyone left our house, we felt like we had just made 20 new friends. We have been together now for 7 seasons and are truly a family.


What are you looking forward to most at The Kickball Games in Las Vegas this year? 


Being together as a team and meeting new people! The Kickball Games are an amazing team bonding experience, where we all get to play for fun and have some beers and be silly on the sidelines. 

Your Mom was so much fun to party with at The Kickball Games 2010. What advice would you give to new teams coming to The Kickball Games for the first time?


The Kickball Games are meant to be fun, so have FUN with it. Come up with silly game rules with your opponents- like no bunting or girls only pitching. Play people in positions they would not normally play and switch up your kicking order by picking numbers out of a hat. 


Which of the 5 superlative categories do you think Your Mom will win at The Kickball Games 2011?

Best Overall Team- because we have the spirit and demeanor that is everything WAKA is meant to be! 


Can you give us a sneak peek/ hint of what Your Mom may be bringing to The Kickball Games this year? 

Come visit us and our “As Seen on Your Mom” photobooth! 

Find out more about how you can play in The Kickball Games 2011 here.